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Plane's Entry Into No-Fly Zone - The Tech Education
Xi Jinping
Source: CNBC
Political News

China Fuming Over US Spy Plane’s Entry Into No-Fly Zone

China has issued a stern response to the United States over an incident involving a U.S. spy plane entering one of China’s no-fly zones. The Chinese were conducting a live-fire military drill in their northern military zone, where they spotted the U.S.’ U-2 reconnaissance craft.

China Unhappy Over U.S. Provocation

This incident certainly won’t help calm down the rising tensions between Beijing and Washington. According to a Reuters report, China’s Defence Ministry said this aerial incursion could have caused a misunderstanding.

This, in turn, may have led to an unexpected incident which made matters worse. The Reuters report also states that these kinds of missions happen regularly. However, what isn’t normal, is for China to talk about them openly in the public. “It was an act of naked provocation, and China is resolutely opposed to it, and have already lodged stern representations with the U.S. side,” they said.

Donald Trump
Source: CNN

U.S. Denies Any Wrong-Doing

The U.S. is denying any wrongdoing on their part, though. They did confirm that they conducted a U-2 flight in the Indo-Pacific region. However, they also maintained that it was “within the accepted international rules and regulations governing aircraft flights.”

“Pacific Air Forces personnel will continue to fly and operate anywhere international law allows, at the time and tempo of our choosing,” they said in their statement. In response to this incident, the Chinese military fired “aircraft-carrier killer” missiles the following day.

Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Melania Trump, Peng Liyuan
Source: Time Magazine

China Conducts Drills With “Aircraft-Carrier Killer” Missiles In Response

This information comes to us from the South China Morning Post. They are citing a source within the Chinese military in their report. This source confirmed that the military fired this missile in response to the previous day’s incidents. Also, they are reportedly unhappy about the U.S.’ increasing aerial and naval presence in the South China Sea.

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“China doesn’t want the neighbouring countries to misunderstand Beijing’s goals,” the source said. It’s unclear how this situation will develop from here. However, it would be best for the world if the U.S. and China can clear the air through diplomatic means.

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