Shomin Sample Season 2

Shomin Sample Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer


Shomin Sample is a Japanese fictional show by Takafumi Nanatsuki. The series highlights Kimito Kagurazaka is an average high academy scholar. One day, he is registered in All-Girls School Seikain, where its good female scholars are split off from the rest of the world to protect their simplicity. 

Hence, this profound isolation transmits many school bachelors inadequate to cope with the external world. 

To dispense with this difficulty, the school has chosen to grab a male citizen, Kimito, believing that his “average guy’s” influence will be a kind approach to introduce the girls to the facts of life outward. 

Sadly for Kimito, the school just examined him as a nominee for this project because they believed he was a homosexual with a flesh charm. Consequently, the school assumed that Kimito is no warning to the young girls’ innocence. 

Once he sees that he will unless face injury or separation should this be shown otherwise, he has no option but to support. Shortly after his enlistment, he has a crucial conference with Aika Tenkūbashi. 

Aika is a scholar who can alternately be modest, unreasonable, and affected. She is also kindly captured by the external world. Here are all details about Shomin Sample season 2.

Shomin Sample Season 2 Release Date

Unhappily, nothing has been verified regarding Shomin Sample Season 2 release date. But our most reliable estimate is that it would be out at the end of 2021. We suspect that the show will follow the corresponding 12 episodes set up to keep the tale proceeding.

You can watch Shomin Sample season 1 on Funimation. Till there is no basic info regarding the anime, you move back to its past season and take a moment of entertainment for yourself. 

Shomin Sample Season 2 Cast

The cast of Shomin Sample season 2 is as follows:

  • Kimito Kagurazaka
  • Aika Tenkūbashi
  • Reiko Arisugawa
  • Hakua Shiodome 
  • Karen Jinryō 
  • Miyuki Kujō
  • Sakimori 

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Shomin Sample Season 2 Trailer

Unhappily, no official trailer is released for the upcoming season, and it will need time to be out as the series is still to be approved. Until then, you can experience seeing the tale of season one on Funimation.

Shomin Sample Season 2 Plot

The novel arrangement of the anime includes 11 volumes. But the initial season has not reached the whole of the fictional show. That indicates that there is no lack of content for the upcoming season. 

The series storyline could pull up from where it finished or get a completely new tale with excellent characterization. It is too early to explain anything regarding it. We have to wait until the series receives a green signal for the upcoming part. 

There is no accurate information on the plot of season 2. We assume a trailer of part 2 to happen out to receive an idea of where the tale will begin.

Shomin Season 1 is related to the average high-class guy Kimito Kagurazaka, captured by visitors and effectively employed in All-Girls School Seiken. 

The school was packed with women who never received the opportunity to know male companions. The single girls improve young boys to represent the opposite sex to be informed of men’s appearance to the external world. 

The story additionally proceeds with many embarrassing moments that Kimito faces. It’s all placed with great visuals to giggle at.


It is all about Shomin Sample season 2 that you should know. If you haven’t watched Shomin Sample season 1 and season 2, then watch them today. Please stay connected with us for more news!

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