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Shanquella Robinson Was Last Seen With Friends At A Mexico Resort Before Her Death

Shanquella Robinson Video Shows Fight Before Death In Mexico

Shanquella Robinson Video Shows Fight Before Death In Mexico

A woman from North Carolina died in a mysterious way at a resort in Mexico. A new video shows her joking around with her friends just before she died.

Shanquella Robinson, who is 25 sounds happy in the clip, which Source says she made at the high-end Fundadores Beach Club in San José del Cabo.

“Getting naked doesn’t take that long. Where are you?” Robinson laughs as she yells as she walks into a room at’s Villa Linda 32 where the group is talking about what to wear to the beach.

The short clip was posted on Instagram by The Neighborhood Talk, where people talked about the woman’s death. “OMG, that’s sad. You can tell that they didn’t like her. “She probably didn’t say anything because she was recording when she walked in,” someone wrote.

“Man, this story hurts my heart. Imagine going on vacation to just have fun and ending up with a death sentence. I hope they all find happiness… In Mexico,” said a third person.

“When she walked into the room, their vibe was so cold. “She had no idea what was going to happen,” wrote a third person. Robinson went to the resort with some friends on Oct. 28. The next day, his body was found.

At first, her friends said she died of alcohol poisoning, but a homicide investigation was started when an autopsy showed she had a “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation,” which means the first two neck vertebrae were not in place.

A horrifying video of her being beaten up in a hotel room went viral.

Shanquella’s dad, Bernard Robinson, told TMZ on Saturday that he thought the attack was set up because his daughter didn’t usually fight.

“Man, they attacked her. This isn’t like others my daughter was asleep, man. “It looks like they attacked her, man, for all of them to be in that room and then just walk in like she woke up or something,” the distraught father told the outlet.

“And she’s naked, man. “You know, for a father to see that video, man, you know, because my daughter’s not a fighter, man, she’s not a fighter at all,” he said.

The State Attorney General’s Office of Baja California Sur said last week that “an investigation was started for femicide.” Femicide is a hate crime in which women are killed because of their gender.

WBTV told us that Shanquella’s funeral was held on Saturday at the Macedonia Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Tamika Mallory, an activist, said, “We came to make sure there are enough people putting pressure on the whole system to do what needs to be done to get justice for this woman.”

“If someone loses a loved one in the horrible way that Shanquella did, they will probably never find peace,” she said.

“But the situation can’t just be open. “It has to end with the truth, and those who are responsible for her death have to be held accountable,” Mallory said.

The FBI told WBTV on Friday that it has “opened an investigation into the death of Charlotte resident Shanquella Robinson in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on or around October 29, 2022.”

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