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The Us Woman Who Was Found Dead In Mexico Had A Broken Neck, Her Family Says

Autopsy Of Shanquella Robinson Reveals Her Neck Was Broken During Mexico Vacation

Autopsy Of Shanquella Robinson Reveals Her Neck Was Broken During Mexico Vacation

The family of a woman who died in Mexico soon after getting there is trying to find out what happened, but they say they are hearing different stories. Source says that Shanquella Robinson, who is 25 and from Charlotte, North Carolina, was in Cabo for a friend’s birthday party.

The source said that Salamondra Robinson had just talked to her daughter before she heard that her daughter had died. Shanquella told her mother on their last call that their party had a chef and that she was about to eat “tacos or a salad or something.”

“I said, ‘OK. I love you. Have a good night, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow,'” Robinson remembered, according to The Sun.

According to the Source, Robinson said that shortly after their conversation, she got a “frantic” phone call telling her that her daughter had alcohol poisoning and had stopped breathing.

Each friend gave a different version of what happened and when.

The family then talked to the FBI and Mexican authorities and found out that the death might not have been caused by being drunk.

Robinson told Queen City News that the results of the autopsy showed that the alcohol had nothing to do with what happened. “They said that her neck was broken and that her back spine was cracked. She had been beaten.”

The U.S. State Department in Mexico disagrees with the claim that Shanquella was killed, pointing out that the police’s preliminary findings don’t show clear evidence of wrongdoing.

Robinson said that her friends all went back to the United States after leaving the body of her daughter in Mexico. It’s back home after losing $6,000 and almost two weeks.

Source says that a video has recently been posted online that seems to show a woman beating Shanquella badly while a man records it.

“Y’all, they beat this girl up in Mexico and told her mother she died from drinking too much alcohol. Ladies, watch your backs, they said the autopsy showed she had a broken neck, a cracked spine, and more,” the video’s caption reportedly said. “Watch Your Friends, This Stuff Is Going Viral Because They Lie! “Listen up, let’s talk about it, omg!”

Another man who went to meet the group the next day in Cabo says that when he got there, her friends told him that Shanquella was in the hotel lying down because she had too much alcohol. He also said that he didn’t know she had been beaten until he saw the video online.

According to Source, Her family is determined to find out what really happened that night in Cabo. They refuse to believe that she died by accident. The Mexican government told the family to talk to a lawyer and a private investigator.

The source said that Salamondra Robinson said of her daughter, “She had a heart of gold.” “She loved everyone, and most people loved her back.”

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