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Sewing Down South Net Worth: How Much Money Did He Make With Southern Charm?

Craig Conover, the charming man, may be familiar to you from his role in the popular ABC series Southern Charm. He has been a member of the Southern Charm cast since 2014.

Not only that, but Conover is also a businessman. He owns and operates the cushion manufacturing company Sewing Down South.

He previously worked as a law clerk at the renowned Akum Anastrozole Law Firm in Charleston. He was fired from his position.

This summer will be exciting for Bravo fans because “Southern Charm” will return for its seventh season on June 23! Craig Conover, the show’s star, and the majority of the other cast members will return for the show’s second season in Charleston, South Carolina.

Craig Conover’s Net Worth 2022

American Attorney and Reality TV Personality Craig Conover have a net worth of $400,000 as of 2022. Craig Conover is best known for his role in the Bravo television series Southern Charm. Southern Charm Follows Six Southern Socialites As They Live The Good Life.

He receives $25,000 for his involvement in each episode of Southern Charm.

Craig Conover Early Life

Craig graduated from the College of Charleston with a bachelor’s degree in finance and was admitted to the Charleston School of Law. He was a highly athletic kid who had planned to play baseball in college until he injured his elbow.

His mother was a champion gymnast, his father was a Salisbury University lacrosse player, and his brother was an All-American soccer player at Roanoke College. He comes from an athletic family.

When Greg is not working or having fun with his friends, he works as a Guardian Ad Litem for a charitable organization that assists disadvantaged children and their families.

Craig assists in the defense of children who have been taken from their parents and removed from their homes by social services due to abuse or neglect.

Craig Conover Career

Since his first season on “Southern Charm,” viewers have witnessed Conover’s transformation from an aspiring lawyer to the owner of his own pillow manufacturing company.

In May 2021, Conover opened his first physical location, Sewing Down South. He sells his embroidered pillows there, as well as candles and caps. How much money has he made since establishing the company?

Craig Conover Personal Life

Craig Conover Jr. is Craig Conover Sr. and Martha Foster’s only child (Mother). The mother is a kindergarten teacher, and the father is a cleaning contractor. Chris is a professional soccer player.

Naomie Olinda, his co-star and ex-girlfriend, and Craig have ended their relationship. Craig and Naomie announced the end of their engagement on social media on April 18, 2016.

Craig is well-known for his passion for the arts, in addition to his work as an actor, lawyer, and businessman. Craig works as a volunteer for Triton Relief Group, an organization that helps those in need after natural disasters.

He was a lawyer who also represented children who had been removed from their homes due to allegations of abuse by their parents or other adult caregivers.

Craig Conover Family

Conover Is A Television Personality With A Fit Body Who Was Raised In A Wealthy Neighborhood. Craig Conover Sr., the CEO of C&b Complete, is his father’s business partner. Martha Foster Conover is Craig’s mother. He was raised by a teacher.

Craig Conover has a brother named Christopher Conover, according to his Instagram profile. His Brother Is Supposedly A Director At Cob Complete. Fenwick, his Golden Retriever, is the final member of his family. Conover enjoys spending his free time with his family.

Craig Conover Textile Business

Craig Conover is a former attorney who now owns a textile company. Over the last five years, Conover has dominated the pillow market. He was seen on HSN this season promoting his business, Sewing Down South, which has recently signed a contract with Thomasville.

Conover encountered setbacks along the way, most notably from Rose. Rose, according to Conover, is finally changing her mind. In an interview, Conover stated, “ship finally had to face the truth that I’ll never be the type of person he wanted me to be.” But he now adores it. “All I’ve Ever Wanted Was For Craig To Be Honest With Himself,” he explained.

Craig From 'Southern Charm' Sells Pillows, and Makes a Lot of Money

Southern Charm TV Program

On March 3, 2014, The American Reality Television Show Southern Charm Made Its Television Debut On Bravo. The Series Follows Seven Socialites In Charleston, South Carolina, As They Go About Their Personal And Professional Lives.

The Programmer Focuses On The Region’s Political And Cultural History In The South, With Local Landmarks Such As Lewis field Plantation And The Mikell House Highlighted.

He dreamed of being a baseball player and a lawyer 

The 31-year-old is originally from Delaware and comes from a family of athletes. Initially, this sparked Craig’s aspirations to play major league baseball, but an elbow injury shattered that dream and sent him in an entirely different direction.

He studied law at Charleston Law School, and eventually landed a job as a law clerk at Akum Anastrozole Law Firm. He was just at the beginning of his legal career when he landed a role on the docuseries, Southern Charm, back in 2014 and this swerved his interest more.

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