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w, g, 8, ub, 4, gqp, cc1, 6qc, Second Stimulus Check Update: Here Is What You Can Expect From The Upcoming Relief Package - The Tech Education
Second Stimulus Check
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Second Stimulus Check Update: Here Is What You Can Expect From The Upcoming Relief Package

The second stimulus check might be finalized soon. Therefore it is important for al the citizens to know on what they can expect from the upcoming coronavirus relief package.

Second Stimulus Check Update: What To Expect?

The first stimulus check was $1,200 per adult citizen. But the question lies here is that can we expect the same amount for the upcoming relief package? Or we might receive something more than that? Well it all depends on the bill that will be past after negotiations from both the Senate houses.

Second Stimulus Check
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We know that there has been a debate going on between the House of Republicans and the House of Democrats about the on the second stimulus check amount. The negotiations are still going on and both the Houses are yet to reach to a mutual conclusion.

But looking as the negotiations from both the Houses we can somehow expect that there might be very slight changes in the amount pf the second stimulus check. Although there might be some additional benefits but each citizen might receive $1,200 just like the previous check.

There are speculations that the amount might slightly vary with age and family composition of the citizens. But it is not going to make much difference. For example if two members in a family file joint taxes they might get some additional benefits. And it is speculated that citizens who earn less that $75,000 a year will be eligible for the upcoming stimulus payment.

The Negotiation Between Both The Houses

The House of Republics and Democrats have disagreed to many points associated with the upcoming Stimulus package. House speaker Nancy Pelosi demanded that the new stimulus plan should not be of less than $2.2 trillion.

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Second Stimulus Check
Source: AP

But the White House didn’t seem to be happy with the proposal and did not want to exceed $1.5 trillion. So now until and unless both the houses come to a mutual decision we cannot assume anything. President Donald Trump  who is battling coronavirus has recently tweeted and asked the Congress to pass the bill as soon as possible.

Therefore we can expect the bill to be passed soon after both the houses agree to a certain amount.

Major Difference Between The Previous And The Upcoming Stimulus Check

The upcoming stimulus package will surely bring in some additional benefits. In the previous check we saw that only children below 16 years of age received a payment of $500. But this time children of all ages will be eligible for the amount.

Second Stimulus Check
Source: The New York Times

The upcoming bill will restrict the payment to $6,000 per family and it was not the case in the previous one. Moreover the second stimulus check assures that debt collectors and banks won’t be able to collect any amount of the check from the citizens in the name of tax or debt.

So now we all need to wait for the Houses to come to a mutual consent so that the President officially passes that bill. Although it might be a bit delayed until Trump recovers from coronavirus. But if things go well we might actually get the final bill passed before the Presidential elections.

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