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Video Altering The Words Of Disabled Activist During Joe Biden Interview Flagged By Twitter.

A top House Republican posted a manipulative video on Twitter . And the video altered the words of a differently abled activist who interviewed Joe Biden.

Twitter Flags A Video Altering Words Of Disabled Activist

Steve Scalise a top House Republican shared quite a misleading video on Twitter. And the video was from an interview session where Presidential Candidate was in a conversation which a disabled activist Ady Barkan.

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As Barkan is suffering from ALS he used a computerized voice to speak. Thus it was easy to manipulate and alter his words. And it was what exactly happened.

Actually the video clip was from a Joe Biden interview which took place in July. But the clip which Scalise posted had that part of the interview where Barkan was asking Joe Biden about police funding.

The Altered Part Of The Video

So at one point Barkan asked, ”But do we agree that we can redirect some of the funding?”

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And this question was in context of redirecting some of police funding and also increase funds for causes like mental health. But as this question was slightly altered in the doctored video. Therefore in this manipulative version the question was:

”But do we agree that we can redirect some of the finding for police?” Thus making it sound as if Biden is considering to reduce police funding.  Hence putting safety of the public at stake. Also Steve captioned this clip as ”No Police. Mob rule. Total chaos. That’s the result of  Democratic agenda.” And that is how he shared it on Twitter.

But we all know that Biden has always been against police defunding. And by no means wants to reduce police department in the country. Therefore this video was completely doctored. As it was easy for the manipulators to edit the activist’s computerized voice.

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But as soon as the clip was reported Twitter took an action. And thus flagged the video as a manipulative content.

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