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s, gq, n, kg, ge, b8, Sanjay Bangar Compares RCB Batsman AB de Villiers With KXIP Batsman
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Sanjay Bangar Compares RCB Batsman AB de Villiers With KXIP Batsman KL Rahul – ‘He is India’s Mr 360’

Sanjay Bangar Compares RCB Batsman AB de Villiers With KXIP Batsman KL Rahul – ‘He is India’s Mr 360’

Former India batting coach, Sanjay Bangar compliments KL Rahul for his performance in IPL 2020. He also compares the KXIP batsman with RCB batsman AB de Villiers.

IPL 2020: 'He is India's Mr 360' - Sanjay Bangar draws comparison with AB de Villiers, gives huge compliment to KXIP batsman KL Rahul - cricket - Hindustan Times

On Star Sports, Sanjay Bangar said, “Everyone calls AB de Villiers Mr 360, I’d like to say KL Rahul is India’s 360.”

Sanjay Bangar says: ‘He is India’s Mr 360’. KL Rahul is being called Indian Mr.360 for his ability to hit the ball to almost all the part of the ground.

Until now, Rahul has been the best Indian player in IPL 2020. He delighted every one with his thrilling performance. He scored a total of 132 runs against RCB. It is also the highest runs scored by an Indian cricketer and a captain in IPL 2020.

KL Rahul Paid A Very Emotional Tribute To AB De Villiers

Sanjay Bangar also said that KXIP player, Mayank Agarwal’s performance has improved as he have been scoring impressive runs.

“He’s grown as a cricketer. He now believes he can win matches and he has done that He has single-handedly taken KXIP to match-winning positions this year,” Bangar said.

“Until and unless that orange cap stays with Kings XI I’m happy. He’s (Agarwal) worked very hard and deserves that cap. I’m sure I’ll take it off him soon,” said Rahul.

Mayank said: “We are not competing for the cap, we are just looking to play some good cricket. It doesn’t matter who gets the runs, be it Rahul, Pooran, or anyone else. Runs in the international circuit have given me a lot of confidence. In the lock down, I sat down and looked at how things will work in the T20 template. The thought is just about getting into great positions.”

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