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US President And First Lady Tested Positive For Corona Virus..... And Trump Is Expected To Address The Nation Shortly.... - The Tech Education
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The US President And First Lady Tested Positive For Corona Virus….. And Trump Is Expected To Address The Nation Shortly….

The US elections are slated to be held during the earliest week of November this year. And, the heat of the elections has turned it into a storm.  The most interesting and shocking event has just happened. It is President Donald Trump’s Covid-19 test report.

And President Trump is found to be Corona positive. In fact, his wife and the First Lady of the US, Melania Trump has also been tested positive for the virus. The news about Mr President’s positivity towards the virus broke out when he tweeted about it.

Source: Google

He wrote that he and @”FLOTUS” have been tested positive. He further added that the process of quarantine and recovery will be started by them at the earliest. The news about his infection broke out to the world within a few seconds.

The agencies pertaining to the President have assured that Mr President has developed minor Covid-19 symptoms and at the time he and The First Lady are stable. In the meanwhile, Donald Trump has not left the duties that he bears. He is expected to address the nation.

Source: Google

Trump is considering to do so just to assure the country that “he is still in charge”. He also wants to reassure the Americans that he is keeping well. And he is still in the game. The first news that expected Trump has contracted the infection broke when his closest aide Hope Hicks was tested positive for the virus. And who, in fact, was present with the President.

Reports are claiming that Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and son Barron Trump have tested negative for the virus, followed by Jared Kushner.

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