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Rocksteady Issues Another Statement Regarding Sexism Allegations

Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady Studios has issued yet another statement in response to allegations of sexism within their workplace. The UK-based studio has been the subject of serious allegations from some former female employees over the past few days.

Rocksteady Responds To Sexism Allegations In Yet Another Statement

In this latest statement, Rocksteady once again acknowledges that the allegations those former employees spoke of are true. They also mention that they’ve put in measures to build a more inclusive environment for all of their employees.¬†“We met with all our female staff, we listened, and we dealt with the issues raised,” it reads. They then mention that they’ve taken appropriate measures, including firing employees, to address these complaints.

Batman Arkham Knight
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Rocksteady Has Hired Third-Party Investigators

The statement also mentions that Rocksteady has contacted an independent third-party investigatory. They say that these investigators will interview both current and former employees. “Right now, we are as passionate as ever about creating an inclusive culture and we are listening carefully. We are determined to stand up for our staff, and stand firm against any unacceptable behaviour,” concludes the statement.

The studio first faced accusations of failing to address sexual harassment following a report from The Guardian on August 18, 2020. This report cited an anonymous source who mentioned a letter that she and other female employees wrote to Rocksteady’s management in 2018.

Batman Arkham Knight
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Former Employee Accused Studio Management Of Failing To Respond Appropriately

They then released a letter on Twitter from current female employees at Rocksteady who were signatories on that letter. Soon after, another former Rocksteady employee, Kim MacAskill, corroborated The Guardian’s report. In a 13-minute video, she claimed that she was the one who wrote the letter that The Guardian cited in its report.

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She then detailed her own experience at the company, as well as that of a fellow colleague.¬†MacAskill also believes that she eventually lost her job because she wrote this letter. Rocksteady’s next game, titled Suicide Squad, is going to get a reveal at the upcoming DC FanDome event.

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