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Former Rocksteady Writer Asks Studio To Remove Her Name From Suicide Squad Credits

Former Rocksteady Studios writer Kim MacAskill has released a video slamming the company’s continued failure to address sexual harassment. She references a recent report in The Guardian, which mentions a letter that 10 of the studio’s female employees signed asking for more accountability within the studio.

Former Rocksteady Writer Who Wrote The Letter Cited In The Guardian Report Comes Forward

MacAskill confirms that she’s the one who wrote that letter. “I started this letter because I was experiencing sexism with one particular individual, who’s still in the company,” she said. She then goes on to recount an incident involving one of her fellow female employees.

MacAskill said that this employee was the target of sexual assault from another individual within the company. The female employee did report these incidents to HR and called for an investigation. However, the way they handled the investigation frustrated MacAskill. “She was told she still had to work with him,” she said.

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Former Rocksteady Writer Does Not Want To Be Associated With Their Game

Throughout the rest of the video, MacAskill describes all the incidents that led to her finally writing the letter. She believes that her decision to go ahead with this letter was why she lost her job. However, she left the company thinking that things had improved since then. Recently, she says she learnt that this was not the case.

“It’s only taken a couple phone calls for me to realize this behavior is still happening. It’s like all of our effort meant for nothing. That makes me feel… it’s more than anger, it’s proper humiliation,” she said. “Seeing that things haven’t improved, Rocksteady, I am formally asking you to take my name off of your game. I do not want to be associated with your game.”

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Rocksteady Released A Letter From Current Employees On Twitter

This video comes around at the same time as Rocksteady releasing a statement on their Twitter page. It contains a letter from the women who co-signed the original letter who are still at the company. This letter also references the Guardian article, stating that it violated the privacy of many of those involved.

“At the time of working through the original letter with the studio, we were assured that this would be kept as a private matter as this was what we had collectively requested. We feel that our privacy and wishes have been disregarded, and a private matter has been made public,” reads a portion of it.

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