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Rocket League Won’t Need PS Plus, Switch Online For Multiplayer Soon

Rocket League developers Psyonix have confirmed that they will be removing the PS Plus and Switch Online requirement for online multiplayer. This will happen after the game switches to a free to play model.

Rocket League Won’t Lock Multiplayer Behind PS Plus, Switch Online On Those Consoles

“PlayStation Plus on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch Online will no longer be required for online play on those platforms,” reads the post. They also mentioned a number of other changes that they’re making to the game.

“Competitive Seasons, Competitive Tournaments, and Rocket Pass will all follow the same schedule. It all starts when Rocket League goes free to play and Season 1 begins,” they wrote.

Rocket League
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Psyonix Adjusting Competitive Ranks To Account For New Players

They’re also adjusting how rankings will work. Grand Champion, the current highest rank, is getting split into three-tiers. These are Grand Champion 1, Grand Champion 2 and Grand Champion 3. Players who are currently grand champions will end up in one of these three tiers depending on placement matches.

They’re introducing new ranks at the top and the bottom as well. Supersonic Legend is now the highest rank in the game. At the same time, players with lower ranks will get a significant promotion once the game goes free to play. All of this is to account for the influx of new players that Rocket League will likely get.

Rocket League
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Rocket League Will Be Free To Play From Mid-September

As far as when that will happen, we don’t have a specific date yet. However, Psyonix did mention that it will happen mid-September. They will release a major update for the game first, after which it will be free to play.

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Psyonix first announced that they were going to do this in July. This move comes after Epic Games acquired them last year. Speaking of, for any new players who want to pick up Rocket League on PC, they will only be able to do so on the Epic Games Store.

Those who have the game on Steam already have nothing to worry about, though. Psyonix has confirmed that they will continue to support and update the game for those users.

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