Ghost Of Tsushima: Sucker Punch Details Day One Patch

Ghost Of Tsushima has gone gold already, and it also has an ESRB rating of ‘M’. All of these are indicators that the game is well on its way to completion. It should fit nicely with all your other PS4 games. Based on all Ghost Of Tsushima gameplay that we’ve seen, it looks to be another excellent singleplayer experience for the PS4.

Ghost Of Tsushima Gets Day One Patch Notes

We now have another indicator that the game is all but ready to hit store shelves. Sucker Punch has now let us know about the game’s day one patch. According to Twisted Voxel, as of right now, the day one patch only lists two bits of information in its changelog.

These include “Various Localization Fixes” and “Other Bug Fixes”. It’s not unusual for games to get day-one patches, or for the patches to only include minor adjustments. However, it feels like there’s a lot more to this patch for Ghost Of Tsushima than Sucker Punch are letting on.


Ghost Of Tsushima’s Day One Patch Won’t Be An Unusually Big Download

That’s because the patch is also a 7.7 GB download. That’s not a particularly large update size, even for a day one patch. The game itself only comes in at around 50 GB. The small changelog does make one scratch their head, though.

Ghost Of Tsushima Is Weeks Away From Release

This may simply be a case of Sucker Punch covering their bases. Ghost Of Tsushima is a story-driven game, after all. They may be keeping their cards close to their chest to ensure that they don’t spoil anything. All that’s left for us to do now is to count down the days until the Ghost Of Tsushima release date.

Ghost Of Tsushima is set to come out on July 17, 2020, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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