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Robert Downey Jr.: Robert Downey Junior confirms that his commitment with The Marvel Cinematic Universe is Over! Know more.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, gave us heroes to marvel upon. The actors behind the Superhero costume, are now inevitably attached to their reel characters.

We often associate them with their character’s name, as it has become an integral part of their identity. In the next few years, more than 16 projects of MCU are pending.

While we are excited about the launch of new Megastars, we cannot get over the fact that we may never see some of the old ones again. I’m sure all Fans shed tears when half the universe was wiped out in Infinity War. But it was heartbreaking when we saw the other half, sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and Chadwick Boseman, their characters are irreplaceable and profound. While fans still hoped some time travel theory, Robert Downey Jr gave us an overwhelming closure.

In an interview on the SmartLess Podcast via ComicBook.com, he confirmed that his commitment with the MCU is over. He replied with a simple, “It’s all done.”

Though his “all done” refers to the contract, and there are hopes that he may sign up a new one. But for now, our Beloved Iron Man is not coming back. But we hope for the best in the near future.


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