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Kate Garraway Heartbroken: Said That She Couldn’t See Her Husband On Her Wedding Anniversary Due To His Serious Illness

Recently on a show, Kate Garraway revealed her feelings and said that she misses her husband. However, it was their wedding anniversary therefore it was important for both of them to stay on an auspicious day. Due to his husband named ‘Derek’, who is ill for a while now, it’s getting hard for them to stay away from each other.

During the month of March, her husband who was a labour aide was sent to the hospital. The report says that he came in contact with coronavirus. He was then placed in an emergency medical place where he got himself into a coma. This turn was shocking for her wife ‘Kate’. None of them expected that this could happen.

Medical Reports Of Kate Garraway’s Husband

The Medical reports of Derek were revealed recently. The doctors said that he is free from all the killer virus but this virus has left the organ with pretty severe damage. Kate on her ‘Good Morning Britain show’ said that her husband has lost almost eight stone weight and some muscles during his recovery.

On an interview with You Magazine, she said that the heart of the family in been ripped off. She then says that she doubts whether they will ever get him back or not. Kate said that his husband looked worn- out and even his skin was looking pale. She continues by saying that he got dark circles under his eyes and there were lots of tubes.

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Kate Garraway Interview On TV Show

Kate Garraway said that it was difficult for her to visit her husband because she cannot see him like that. At the end of the TV show, she said that it was a tough day for her. She then said that he is still here right with me and she believes in positivity.

In the end, she said that she needs to think that he is with me and if any bad day comes you just have to keep going and be positive.

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