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Woman Gives Birth To 16th Child, All Names Starting With ‘C’.

How many kids does one dream to have? This couple from North Carolina has given birth to 16 children already, and they don’t have any intentions of stopping. Patty Hernandes and her husband Carlos, live in a five-bedroom house with all 16 children. Their home has a nursery with five cots. All of their children are named with letter ‘C’ in honour of Carlos’ father, a floor cleaner.

The couple spends a massive amount of  £375 just on groceries and nappies. Ahead of a new baby’s arrival, they are planning for another vehicle only because they’ve outgrown their 16 seater bus.

They have five boys and ten girls, including six twins.

  1. Carlos Jr. (12-year-old)
  2. Christopher (11-year-old)
  3. Carla and Caitlyn (9-year-old twins.)
  4. Christian (8-year-old)
  5. Celeste (7-year-old)
  6. Cristina (6-year-old)
  7. Calvin and Catherine (5-year-old, twins)
  8. Carol (4-year-old)
  9. Caleb and Calorine (3-year-old twins.)
  10. Camellia (2-year-old)
  11. Charlie (1-year-old)
  12. Crystal (4 months old)
  13. The list will add up another girl child due May 2021.

Patty admits that raising so many kids is challenging, but it has its perks, and she enjoys her time. She says things get stressful with newborns since all they do is cry, but she considers this a blessing. The mother has spent almost a decade of being pregnant since 2008. Around three months after the delivery of her baby, she conceives again. Mrs Hernandes says: “We have left everything to God so whatever God wants to give us we will be happy. We don’t use contraception.”

Patty and Carlos split their daily chores among older children. Almost all of them are trained to do some of the other things for each other. This way, it is not bulky for them to carry on their day to day workload.

Patty does her laundry more than three times a week.
She says in an interview “I try to give them a daily routine to clean up after themselves. They have their chores. The older one makes his pancakes sometimes, but most of the time, I am the one doing the cooking.”

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The couple is often overwhelmed by the attention they receive. They are frequently asked if all the children are their own mainly because of Patty petite frame.


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