How Robbie Knievel “Motorcycle Daredevil” Pass Away?

Robbie Knievel obituary: Robert Knievel was an American daredevil and the son of Evel Knievel, who did stunts. Robert was also known as “Captain Robbie Knievel” on stage. The news of Robbie Knievel’s death is spreading quickly on the Internet right now. How did he die? People want to know. You can find out how and why he died by reading these articles. Let’s find out.

Who Was Robbie Knievel?

Robbie Knievel is an American stunt performer who goes by the name Robert Edward Knievel. He is also known as “Captain Knievel,” and he is best known for being a daredevil. Robbie holds the record for the most jumps he has done on a motorcycle, which is 20 world records. He is famous for having jumped over part of the Grand Canyon.

He is also known for making dangerous jumps over things like rattlesnakes, lions, and lines of buses. When he did a motorcycle jump that began on top of one building and ended on top of another, he gave his audience a real-life action scene that is usually only seen in movies.

Robbie Knievel’s perilous career has resulted in two major back surgeries. The stuntman is involved in charitable work and has been a part of a few groups and charitable trusts.

How Robbie Knievel Died?

Robbie Knievel, a motorcycle daredevil who did jumps at famous American landmarks like his famous father, Evel Knievel, has died at age 60, according to his father’s official Twitter account.

The post had a picture of Robbie Knievel flying above the Grand Canyon in Arizona during his successful 228-foot world record jump on May 20, 1999. It also said, “A Great Daredevil Has Died: Robbie Knievel, May 7, 1962—January 13, 2023.”

His brother, Kelly Knievel, told The Hollywood Reporter that Knievel died on Friday in Reno, Nevada, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

The daredevil called himself “Captain Robbie Knievel” and said he had done more than 350 professional motorcycle jumps and held more than 20 world records, including the Grand Canyon Jump, which happened 25 years after his father’s famously failed attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon in Idaho, which was shown on TV.

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