Rob Is Finally Back To Social Media, Sharing A Photo With His Friend


Rob Kardashian’s after making a return to social media a little media a little over or say a week ago, he was back on the Instagram back again on this Tuesday to share his photo booth snapshot of himself and his dear ones at the fourth of July celebration.

The photo brings out the 33 year old keeping up with the Kardashian’s star can be seen smiling and that to ear to ear in beside the Australian model and a singer Parnia Porsche, Tristan Thompson’s friend Savas Oguiz and another pal as we say, flashing out their middle finger in the camera.

Fans seeing this here were super grateful and delighted that Rob has crash the social media platform back again, and more precisely because he haven’t made many public Appearances in the past recent years.

We can say he is very private and to the self person when it comes to his daughter Dream Kardashian, but earlier this week he share a rare photo of that three and a half year old little girl.

As we can also see that Rob appears on his sister’s social media feeds from time to time. And shortly after he posted the photo his sister Khole posted a photo of her own and another photo from the holiday party.

So now nor Rob nor Khole stated what fourth July party they were in but as per Khole says they spent their holiday at a bash thrown ay Tristan’s home in Los Angeles.