Ring Of Honor “Jay Briscoe” Dies In Car Accident At The Age Of 38

Jay Briscoe, who was 38 years old, died. He was one of the best tag team wrestlers of all time. Briscoe, whose real name was Jamin Pugh, died in a car accident in Laurel, Delaware, around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday. According to a report from the Shore News Beacon, the crash killed two people and sent two others to the hospital in critical condition.

Tony Khan, who owns AEW and ROH, said Briscoe had died. Khan promised to help Briscoe’s family in any way he could.

“Jamin Pugh has died, which is sad. Fans knew him as Jay Briscoe, and from the first show until now, he was a star in ROH,” Khan wrote. “Jay and his brother Mark were the best in ROH, and they are still the champions to this day. We’ll help his family in any way we can. Jamin, rest in peace.”

Briscoe started wrestling when he was a teenager. He became well-known in the pro wrestling world when he and his brother Mark worked together in ROH. The Briscoes held the ROH tag team titles 13 times in their 20-plus years with the promotion. Last month, they won the titles at ROH Final Battle by beating FTR in a match many people thought was one of the best of 2022. It was the last of three games the two teams played against each other last year.

Cash Wheeler of FTR tweeted, “I’ve been crying since I heard the news.” “I don’t know what to say. Jay, rest in peace.”

Briscoe was also successful as a single wrestler. Twice, he won the ROH world championship. When ROH started its Hall of Fame in 2022, he and Mark were the first two wrestlers to be inducted.

The Briscoes have also held tag team titles in NJPW and Impact Wrestling, among other promotions.

Impact Wrestling tweeted that they were sad to hear that Jay Briscoe had died. “Jay will always be remembered as a pioneer who, along with his brother Mark, left it all in the ring every night. His family, whom he loved more than words can say, and his friends and fans, have our deepest condolences.”


Delaware State Police say that the driver of another pickup truck crossed the center line and hit Briscoe’s truck head-on. We don’t know why the other driver went into our lane. Lillyanne Ternahan, 27, was later found to be the driver of the second truck. She and Briscoe were both found dead at the scene. Briscoe didn’t have a seatbelt on.

Briscoe’s two daughters, ages 9 and 12, wore their seatbelts and were taken to the hospital. Ashley Pugh, Briscoe’s wife, wrote on social media that their daughter Gracie was going to have back surgery and asked people to “pray for her precious legs to move again!” Jayleigh, their other daughter, has “some pretty serious injuries,” but her mother says she is in stable condition.

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