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c6, o, 9b, tk, ej, h68, Rebel Wilson Is Almost At Her Weight Loss Goal: Hints At Taking Career In A New Direction -
Rebel Wilson
Source: Hello! magazine
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Rebel Wilson Is Almost At Her Weight Loss Goal: Hints At Taking Career In A New Direction

Rebel Wilson
Source: Instagram

Rebel Wilson seems to be all set to alter her career and take it to a different way altogether, after her incredible weight loss of over 20 kilograms.

On Sunday, the actress shared a gorgeous selfie on Instagram while she was wearing an emerald green dress.

She writes “Just call me: Fit Amy,” clearly pointing to her role in the ‘Pitch Perfect’ franchise.

Rebel looked amazing with her blonde locks framing her face.

She went for a minimal makeup look, with mascara on her eyelashes and a matte finish lip gloss.

Rebel Wilson
Source: Instagram

Earlier the same day, Rebel revealed that she was only three kilograms away of reaching her goal weight of 75kg.

She shared her exact weight in her Instagram post after completing her morning hike in LA.

Rebel wrote “This week was super busy but I got up super early three times (6am) and went on a hike…I felt proud of myself and [am] now only 3kg away from my goal weight!”

Rebel is seen posing in activewear with her hands placed on her hips while she looks at the LA skyline.

Rebel Wilson
Source: Daily Mail

Also, Rebel shared many throwback pictures from her recent trip to Monaco. She went there with her current boyfriend, Jacob Busch.

Later, she enjoyed a fancy-looking dessert and told her followers that it’s equally important to treat yourself once in a while.

What’s The Secret of Rebel’s Surprising Transformation?

Rebel Wilson
Source: Daily Mail

According to People magazine, Rebel’s weight loss transformation is mainly accredited to the Mayr Method diet plan.

The diet plan is a process that eliminates food intolerances and reduces sugar. It also encourages eating whole foods slowly and helps boost the immune system.

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The source of ‘People’ magazine shares that Rebel exercises with a personal trainer up to six times in a week. Moreover, she goes on walks and tries to up her protein intake.

As for exercise, during a single week, Rebel performs a mix of HIIT workouts, mobility, weights and resistance, and has just a day of rest every week.

What Did Her Trainer, Jono Castano, Say About The Transformation Of Rebel? What Does He Advise Other Weight-Loss Enthusiasts?


Rebel Wilson’s Sydney-based trainer, Jono Castano, has now disclosed some of her important workout routines.

On Monday, Jono said on Sunrise that he doesn’t like using the word ‘diet’ to explain Rebel’s health and fitness journey. He believes that what matters most is finding the ‘balance’.

Jono showed a number of varying exercises with the assistance of the show’s host, David ‘Kochie’ Koch.

He first had Kochie do a weighted bicep curl, and then later he moved on to demonstrate shoulder presses.

Jono Costano further explained that he uses both these types of exercises while training Rebel.

He also showed some overhead extensions. Jono asked people to do weighted planks with a bell weight on the back for about ten seconds.

Jono says: “Exercise is just about getting the body moving,’.

Also, he does combine ‘resistance and cardio’ in the workout routine of the actress.

He even recommended forty-five minutes of exercise for at least five days a week. But he maintained that the inclusion of a healthy diet is mandatory in the journey of weight loss.

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