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ge, hfo, mb, 5p, ttl, q0, 06, z, 90q, al5, l, m, 7i0, oq, q, 5, NASA Finally Launched SS Kalpana Chawla Space Ship: Said That Kalpana Would Flatter After Knowing About Space Craft - The Tech Education
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NASA Finally Launched SS Kalpana Chawla Space Ship: Said That Kalpana Would Flatter After Knowing About Space Craft

NASA was successful during the launch of SS Kalpana Chawala spacecraft. However, the launch took place on Thursday under the view of International Space Station. The spacecraft had the name of first women to enter space, i.e. Kalpana Chawla. NASA named her because Kalpana’s contribution to spaceflight cannot be appreciated with few words.

When Did NASA Launch, SS Kalpana Chawla SpaceCraft?

The spacecraft named SS Kalpana Chawla launched from the Mid-Atlantic regional spaceport which is located in Virginia. The name of the launching area was NASA’s wallops flight facilities, and exactly at 9:38 pm EDT, it took its flight.

After two days, the end part of the spacecraft that is Northrop Grumman Cygnus will soon detach from its main body. The current mission of NG-14, SS Kalpana Chawla will contribute with the cargo to the main space station. Almost 3630 kilograms of cargo will be shipped with the help of SS Kalpana Chawla spacecraft.

Why SS Kalpana Chawla Spacecraft Was Launched? Was There Any Emergency In Spacestation?

Researchers claimed that Cygnus has a set of tests which include biologic drug, which can treat Leukemia, which is a plant study that can grow radishes as a future crop within the space itself. NASA is also planning to send the latest zero-gravity toilet model and also a 360-degree virtual reality camera.

The camera will be used to record the spacewalk with an impressive viewing angle and quality footage. The acting director of International Space Station named ‘Robyn Gatens’ revealed that the spacecraft would carry almost 6000 pounds of cargo.

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Which includes radishes and 3d camera. It will also help the astronauts to click great pictures during their walk within the space. Gatens said that they had made some preparation for the future of astronauts who will work in the spaceships.

He also said, not only they have managed to create a toilet but they have also created another spacesuit which they will soon test on microgravity spaceships.

After so many attempts, NASA created a series of fire safety experiments to avoid the risk in the space stations. Gatens said during the interview that they had developed some monitors which will track the airborne particulates and many more. He claimed that it would help in during their future exploration in space.

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NASA’s Vision With Chawla’s SpaceCraft

However, they are trying their best to conduct cancer research on the flight rehab. With this, Mellisa Mckinley also revealed the information regarding their $23 million toilet model which will launch soon.

The launch of SS Kalpana Chawla Spacecraft was absolute proud moments for many astronauts and for Chawala’s husband too. Jean Pierre Harrison said during the launch that Kalpana would have been flattered after knowing that a spaceship is named after her.

In the end, he also said that every Indian could compete with the rest of the world to be successful. However, NASA is still trying their best to reduce mass and volume for the astronauts to make it easy for their exploration missions.

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