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Australian PM Points At Possible Culprit For Cyber Attacks

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has recently announced cyber attacks across all sectors of the economy, polity, healthcare and education. It has also affected essential services and infrastructure providers. He has blamed a ‘state-based actor’ for the same.

Possible Culprit

There are n revelations as to the nature of attacks or the names of specific agencies under the same. But, he has ensured that there was no large scale breach of data. Hinting at China, the PM Morrison said there are not a lot of states capable of such infiltration. Also, China supposedly attacked the Australia Parliament last year. The PM has neither accepted nor denied that China could be playing a role.

As for China, it believed it is a victim of cyber-attacks and n0t a perpetrator. Not surprisingly, China has denied all allegations repeatedly. Recently, USA alleged China of Cyber infiltration for stealing Coronavirus vaccine research.

Scott Morrison
Scott Morrison (source-Vox)

Past Experiences

Experts from the same country believe that these attacks are nothing new. They frown at the definition given by the Prime Minister as a ‘sophisticated state-based cyber attack’ and believe it is rather a wake-up call. A wake-up call for businesses and industry holders to keep their servers and data secure and free from ‘malicious reach’. These opinions come from the threat advisory of the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

According to them, the ways of infiltration are very traditional. And it is high time for the government sector to introduce complex and high tech cybersecurity services.

New Attacks

Attacks on unpatched versions of Telerik UI through remote code executions, Microsoft Internet Information Services have led to unrest. It also includes 2019 SharePoint vulnerability, and the 2019 Citrix vulnerability. Australian Defence Recruitment was attacked previously by a Citrix vulnerability. Australian has faced about two major cyber attacks in the last decade.

The experts are agitated at how the government is shrugging off the issue for a long time. Also, holding hostile governments responsible and handling such issues very carefully is something the administration should resort to, they say.

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