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RCB vs SRH: Let’s Predict The Mega War Between Virat And David

The third IPL 2020 match is set to hit the Dubai International Stadium on Monday. This is the opening match of both the teams in this season. The first South Indian derby between Virat Kholi and David Warner is going to be a mega war, that everyone is waiting for.

Bowling To Be A Key Point

RCB has always had a strong front on the batting field. However, this time the team is seen having a strong bowling end as well. Sunrisers Hyderabad undoubtedly has a great bowling unit in the spin and pace department. If their top order is prolific and consistent, then a great momentum along with unprecedented situation can make the clear winner.

Rashid Khan during a media interaction said;

Economical bowling always helps to take the wickets of the other team”


David Warner is set to come back as a captain for the 48th time. Amongst the last five matches between the two, SRH has won three of them. Strong players like Virat Kholi, AB de Villers, Dale Steyn, and Yuzvendra Chahal back the RCB. Whereas, SRH has David Warner, Vijay Shankar, Sandeep Sharma’s support.

Virat Kohli

As of now, SRH has now won the toss and have opted to field.

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