FC Barcelona News: Nelson Semedo To Juventus? Swap Deal For Pjanic, De Sciglio?

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a negative effect in many ways. First, many people are dying from the disease. Millions of people already have this disease. Second, governments have kept lockdowns around the world to prevent the disease from spreading. Due to lockdowns, many economies in the world are going down. Some experts are predicting that this pandemic will reduce global output by $8 Trillion.

The economic problems are also impacting sports. Due to the pandemic, governments are not allowing sports games in most parts of the world. This is because sports games usually have large crowds, which might increase the spread of the virus. All this is a big problem for sports leagues because they make their revenue from selling tickets as well as the money they get from TV networks. Football teams, especially, stand to lose billions of dollars in this.

Due to this loss in revenue, pundits are now predicting that the 2020 transfer window will see many swap deals. Usually, football teams get new players by paying their old teams a sum of money. But due to the fall in revenues, clubs will have to resort to deals where they send a player in exchange for another. This is because they may not have the sum of money to pay the other club.

FC Barcelona To Swap Nelson Semedo?

FC Barcelona already had some financial problems before the pandemic. They have the highest payroll for players in the world. The club has been looking to cut its expenses for some time now. This pandemic will hit their finances in a bigger way than for many other big clubs. But Barcelona also has a lot of pressure to improve their team as fans expect them to win every year.

According to reports in Spain, Barcelona has agreed to a deal to send Nelson Semedo to Juventus. Semedo is a right-back and has been at the club since 2017. Despite the high expectations, Semedo has not hit a purple patch at Barcelona yet. While he has performed decently, his best traits are physicality and speed. This is not the right fit for Barcelona. Hence, rumours about his exit have been there for some time.

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What Is Barcelona Getting In Return?

The reports say that Semedo is going to Juventus in exchange for Miralem Pjanic, Matteo Di Sciglio and 25 Million Euros. Juventus need an upgrade at right-back. Barcelona has been wanting Pjanic for a while now, and Di Sciglio could be the back-up right back at the club.

Is The Deal Confirmed?


Neither FC Barcelona nor Juventus have confirmed this deal. Even the players have not said anything about this. Pjanic has stated he wants to leave Juventus. But this deal is unlikely to go through. This is because the deal is very lopsided towards Barcelona and Juventus will also not want to splurge cash at times like this.

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