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Radio Host Fired For Using Offensive Tagline For Senator Kamala Harris as ” First Colored Vice Presidential Candidate”!! Know More…

CLEVELAND, Ohio – WTAM  Fired An Anchor!

Well, you all will be stunned with the tagline that WTAM  anchor used for Kamala Harris. Furthermore, WTAM 1100 has fired an anchor who referred to Sen. Kamala Harris as the nation’s “first colored vice presidential candidate” in a news promo Wednesday night.

Furthermore, This anchor named Cornell on Wednesday used this offensive term for Kamala Harris. He provoked a lot of people with his malicious words.

Source: Dailymail

Kyle Cornell, 26  received a right amount of backlash on social media.

Words By The Director…

 After the shameful act by the anchor Ray Davis, the station’s programme and promotions director said in a statement “We are aware of the reference made on WTAM by Kyle Cornell,”.

Source: Dailymail

“We took this matter very seriously and addressed it immediately. The term used is extremely offensive and does not align with our station’s core values and commitment to the communities we serve. He’s no longer with WTAM.”

 This whole statement was, however, able to clean up the mess created by Cornell.

Cornell’s Defensive Words!

After the awful act, Cornell defended himself by saying.,’ “That was never the goal, and for that, again, I am truly sorry,”.He further continued, “For the station of WTAM too, I feel awful for putting them through what they’ve had to go through over the past 24 hours… Further, I want them to understand it was a tough choice to make and that I accept my punishment.”

Furthermore, after his apology for what he did. He even explained that Harris has a mother from India and a father from Jamaica, and is the first woman of colour on a major party’s presidential ticket.

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