Rachel Bilson
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Rachel Bilson Celebrates Her Birthday Today

Rachel Bilson is one of those actresses who has popped up in a lot of stuff over the years. She turns 39-years-old today. If you’ve seen her in any of her starring roles, specifically in shows like The O.C. or Hart Of Dixie, then you likely know who she is.

Rachel Bilson Celebrates Her 39th Birthday Today

If you’re like me and you haven’t seen either of those shows, chances are you recognise her from How I Met Your Mother. She played a recurring character named Cindy, who, as it turns out, is Tracy McConnell’s roommate. Tracy, of course, is the “mother” that Ted’s telling his kids about throughout the entirety of the show.

Rachel Bilson
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She Also Starred In “Looper” With Hayden Christensen

I also recognised her from her role in the 2008 film “Jumper”. Her then-partner Hayden Christensen starred in that movie. She also happens to have a daughter, Briar Rose, from her relationship with Christensen. The two split in 2017, but it seems like they’re getting along just fine.

Bilson has started looking for other partners since then, of course. There were some reports that she’d actually been dating “It: Chapter 2” and “Barry” star Bill Hader. The two of them showed up at the Golden Globes but they recently broke up as well.

Rachel Bilson
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Bilson Spoke About Her Approach To Dating As A Single Mom

In an episode of “The Viall Files”, she spoke about one of the red flags she immediately picks up on when it comes to dating. “I was talking to this guy a few months back, and anytime I would bring my daughter up, they would never pursue a question or ask more about her,” she said.

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The podcast’s hosts, Nick Viall, then asked her if that bothers her. “Anyone you’re gonna get involved with, if you have a kid, they have to be like all about the kid,” she replied. Her daughter’s not going anywhere. So, it’s fair that she’d want someone she’s dating to be interested in her.

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