Police Bodycam Footage Of Moment-By-Moment Arrest Of George Floyd Leaked! Its Chilling To Watch The The Terror Of Gun Pointing at his Head!

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Death  Of George Floyd Marked New Revolution

There have always been the voices raising again injustice and discrimination.¬† But, recently George Floyd’s death has sparked a different kind of revolution across the world.

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George Floyd’s death has made the world again awaken about the discrimination against black people. It has raised the slogan “Black Lives Matter”. Not only black people are demanding justice for Floyd, even whites are also asking to alleviate this injustice from society.

Furthermore, No corner of the world has remained untouched where the slogan “Black Lives Matter” has not been heard.
Even many big stars are demanding justice for George Floyd.

Cruelty At Peak!

It was on May 25 this year, when George Floyd succumbed to death when a white police officer of Minneapolis Police knelt down on his neck until death.

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Recently, a video has flooded the news channels and internet showing every detail about George Floyd’s arrest.
Actually, it is bodycam footage from two cops charged with George Floyd’s murder.


Video Leaked- Moment By Moment Arrest- Will Make you Cry!

In this video, the police officer is clearly seen pointing a gun towards Floyd. He can be seen apologizing to the officer.
Floyd asked the police officer not to shoot him.
Then, the officer thrashed him out of his car and handcuffed him.

Moreover, The policemen then headed him to the squad car. Here, George Floyd was seen resisting as he says he suffers from Claustrophobia and anxiety. He clearly says that he’s gonna die there.

Floyd- Last Words!

And, the first time inside the car, he shouted “I can’t breathe”. Floyd struggled with them and somehow came out and was seen on the side lane. The officer came out and put the knee on Floyd’s neck for about nine minutes.

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George Floyd kept saying “I can’t breathe”.His voice faded away as he actually couldn’t breathe.
Also, George Floyd can be seen saying “Tell my Kids, I love them. I am dead”.