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Discrimination And Lust Of Power, The Roots Of “Diabolical” Democratic Party- Mark Levin

The host of the radio programme, “Life, Liberty and Levin” and the author of “Unfreedom Of The Press”, Mark Levin termed the democratic party as ‘diabolical’.

Marxism And Democratic Party

Mark Levin claimed; the roots of the democratic party lie in discrimination and the lust of power.

He termed the party as evil. Levin believes that the diabolical party always has had an atrocious approach. There have been only a few respites ‘here and ther’.

Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democratic party at a public appearance.

Mark contended; the party had no problem in being the force behind slavery and ‘civil war’. Moreover, he also blamed the party on driving specific issues for decades.

Some of these issues are segregation, violation of human rights of the minorities with poll taxes and literacy tests.

Therefore, Levin alleges the far-left who describe themselves as ” democratic socialists” or ” progressives”, but on real ground, they are “the American form of Marxist”.

Law Enforcement And The George Soros

Law enforcement is a way of defence suggested by the host. It is the defence against any of the activities of the radical left.

However, Levin warned the efforts of law enforcement often undermine because of the actions of the left-wing billionaire George Soros. Levin also explained, George funded a counter-revolution in the U.S and scores of elections. Moreover, Soros supported the prosecutors who have no intention of prosecuting criminals.

However, Mark says, the radical progressive mayors of the cities watch riots, looting, and burning and have no stake in small business, capitalism and defending the quote-unquote ” white people”.

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