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Professional Essay Writers and Where to Find Them: The Secrets of Successful Studentship

There’s no doubt that, as a diligent student, you do your best to accomplish each and every assignment you get from your teachers single-handedly. However, one can hardly find a learner who has never copied other students’ answers, used someone else’s notes or ideas, and created cribs and cheat sheets at some point. By and large, that’s the inherent part of being a student in the USA, especially if you’re an ESL learner lacking the command of English and still trying to figure out how the entire system works at all.

Yet, there’s another trick trending up lately that students resort to when nothing else works out – addressing specialized websites to hire pro essay writers eager to accomplish any written task for money. As this industry is growing by leaps and bounds, an unsophisticated user may get lost among the great variety of offers and options and have trouble making an informed decision. The list of top 5 websites where you can find expert paper and essay writers online is meant to help struggling students find their way in this maze and learn the secrets of successful studentship.

Determining Websites with Top Essay Writers

Seeking out trustworthy websites with the best custom essay writers among hundreds of contenders is not a simple task. It was physically and financially impossible to order papers from all of them. So, for starters, we’ve determined a dozen of brands worth greater attention based on several factors:

  • Online feedback on customer review platforms (for example, Trustpilot and Sitejabber).
  • User comments in relevant subreddits on
  • Detailed paper writing services reviews on websites and blogs that specialize in providing relevant information for students (for instance,,,, etc.).

It’s worth noting that services with a bidding system were excluded from our research (when a customer must select a writer to work on their order single-handedly), as this method is extremely subjective.

Finally, we ordered the same 4-page law essay (it’s around 1100-1200 words, depending on terms of order) of a college/undergraduate level with the 7-day deadline from each website to determine which ones have the best writers. It’s essential to point out that typically, writing services offer three writer categories to choose from – default (comes for free), advanced, and top (the latter two come at an additional cost). In each case, we opted for a default writer like, as we know from experience, most students do.

Ultimately, the five services demonstrated outstanding results – and the winners are…

TOP 5 Websites with the Most Professional College Essay Writers

The conducted research showed that the five services described below have writing experts on staff with the most various academic backgrounds and practical experience. At the same time, it’s quite apparent that different websites focus on different things. So, read on and choose the service that fits your needs most, be it a simple 5-paragraph or elaborate admission essay, bachelor thesis proposal or job application letter.

This service is a frequenter of various “best of the best” ratings, so no wonder it made it to this list. Well-known among students for the breadth of its services, PaperHelp is one of the top choices not only for custom writing orders but also for problem solving and Q&A services.

The company claims to have over 400 essay writers and subject-oriented experts on staff. While there’s no actual way to prove it, this could be true if one acknowledges that PaperHelp entered the market in far-away 2008. There are three writer categories – basic, Advanced, and TOP. The service’s customer managers hand-pick the best-suited expert to fulfill your order matching their expertise to paper requirements. Yet, if you opt for the TOP writer category, you can select one by yourself via the ‘Our Writers’ page. The possibility of communicating with the assigned expert goes as icing on the cake.

All in all, PaperHelp is frequently regarded as a one-stop shop where students can get competent writing help of the required academic level up to Ph.D.

That’s another regular on the lists of writing services highly appreciated by students. The advertised number of writers is 500+. However, it seems implausible that all of them are available for hire; most likely, a significant part is involved in supporting a huge, regularly updated free sample database with close to 100.000 essays and other college/university papers.

Much like with the previous contender, on, you can hire a professional essay writer or assignment expert from one of the three classes and get in touch with them during their work on your order. The service claims to cover academic levels from high school to postgraduate. Yet online feedback proves that college and university papers are the most popular.

It would be fair to point out that WowEssays partially owes its fame among students to a range of absolutely free services it offers (apparently, as a marketing ploy). First off, it’s the already mentioned sample database. Also, there are a directory of free writing assistance tools (editors, checkers, converters, calculators, etc.) and a useful blog with dozens of step-by-step writing guides and topic ideas.

To sum up, many users will definitely find WowEssays utterly helpful in getting virtually any written task done with the minimum effort.

At last, it’s the turn for lesser-known brands to hit our list. EvolutionWriters is a middle-sized custom writing company not pretending to be one of the industry leaders. Judging by the online Evolution Writers review selection, users value the simplicity and reliability the service offers. And we’ve felt it, too: the order was processed swiftly and smooth, while the outcome was way above the expected.

Unlike previous contenders, the company doesn’t openly declare the number of writers on staff. On the one hand, they have only three academic levels (undergraduate, bachelor, Ph.D.) compared to the typical four. On the other hand, the range of assignments they can accomplish includes the full list of papers, from essays to dissertations. Offhand, the number of writers could be around 250.

In turn, expert reviews stress that the service works best for college-level papers, while the expertise for large projects like a Master’s thesis or dissertation is under question. From our experience, there’s no reason to disagree with this assessment.

Against the three previous brands, the company looks like a daring rookie. Indeed, the website seems to have a quite short activity record. However, it’s the passionate and sometimes moving customer feedback that caught our attention rather than unbiased evaluation by the expert community. (Un)Surprisingly, the essay we have received from them was as good as one can only expect for a college law course and would definitely get an ‘A’ if submitted.

There’s not even a bit of data about writers on the WriteMyEssays website – as well as the majority of typical service information you’d expect to see on the custom writing company page. Looks like the website’s creators launched an MVP (minimum viable product), putting the product way ahead of marketing. (Un)Surprisingly, it was a hit. If WriteMyEssays manages to keep such a level of quality while scaling up, the company will become a real threat to the industry’s leaders. In the meantime, you can benefit from using its services at really affordable prices.

This resource positions itself as a knowledge base with several dozen thousand sample papers by free essay writers. It must be quite helpful for finding fresh writing ideas, looking up how a particular paper type should be structured, or bluntly mimicking the piece you liked. However, attractive as it is, students appreciate WePapers not for its free sample database. The thing is, there’s a full-fledged writing service behind the curtain – and, judging from online feedback, it delivers decent results.

Apart from the cover-up, everything else is more or less typical for a website where you can hire a paper writer: a broad range of assignments and services, three expert categories, four academic levels, yadda, yadda, yadda. What’s not typical is the great quality of the essay we’ve got from them. This was the key factor that convinced us to put WePapers on our list instead of a way more popular rival whose essay turned out less impressive.

Overall, WePapers can be a good option to try out if, for some reason, you don’t want to go with any of the previous four services.

Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Essay Writers for Hire

Many students reduce their cooperation with services they address to simply placing an order as cheap as possible and then downloading the finished piece. Well, this obviously works quite well, too. But if you want the best possible result for the money you paid, don’t neglect the opportunity that all websites on our list provide – direct communication with writers. This is imperative when you’ve placed a large order, or the paper is particularly important for your academic success. So, here are several tips on how to turn hiring a writer into collaboration with an expert and make the most out of it.

  • Don’t hesitate to clarify and contribute whenever you have a chance. Steady communication is the surefire way to ensure you and your writer are on the same page.
  • Anonymity is great. But if you share your phone number with the service, the writer would be able to reach you instantly if any clarifications are required. That said, all services guarantee your confidentiality.
  • Always reply to messages from the assigned expert or customer care agents who can inquire on your writer’s behalf.
  • Make any assumptions about how your writer could have understood the task. You’d better make it clear from the very start and get a confirmation that it is so.
  • Most services let you add writers you liked to the ‘Favorite’ list and then order from them repetitively.

To sum up, partnering with your writer is not mandatory, but it can definitely help you create a piece that meets or even exceeds your expectations.

Is It OK to Address an Essay Writers Service?

While using custom writing services is somewhat of a grey area in terms of legality and ethics, the practical side of the issue is clear and unequivocal. In fact, it’s the best option you have if you:

  • Desperately lack time;
  • Radically lack writing or research skills;
  • Don’t have sufficient English language skills to craft a paper on the required level;
  • Don’t nearly understand what you need to do to complete this particular assignment;
  • Are exhausted and just have no energy to get the job done.

In a nutshell, hiring a professional academic writer is not a panacea and would hardly win you a degree out of the blue. But it could help you get through a hard time in college or university. But for this to work out, make sure to address a reliable and high-performing service. Fortunately, you now know five of those.

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