Princess Diaries 3

Princess Diaries 3: Release Date & Confirmation In 2022


When it comes to the most beloved princess films of all time, ‘The Princess Diaries’ ranks high. The picture, which follows a girl who finds she is the heir to a European country, was a game-changer for young Anne Hathaway’s career and a box office smash. 

It spawned a sequel, which garnered even more adoration from the fans. Additionally, it left the protagonist’s narrative with a less-than-conclusive ending. 

Mia Thermopolis was named Queen of Genovia the last time we saw her, but what is next for her? Is it true that she and Nicholas remained together? Will there be a third installment in the series? It is all you need to know about ‘The Princess Diaries 3’.

Princess Diaries 3: Release Date

As of this writing, there has been no confirmation of a third installment of ‘The Princess Diaries.’ There have been several discussions over the threequel in the past.

In 2020, Queen Andrews indicated to The Talk that a third installment of ‘The Princess Diaries’ would be in the works. Despite everyone’s desire to return and the success of ‘The Princess Diaries,’ no formal announcement of a third film has been made. As a result, the wait will be lengthy and interminable.

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The Princess Diaries was released in 2001, followed by ‘The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement’ in 2004. Since 2015, rumors concerning the third film have circulated. Regrettably, there have been no formal announcements on its reappearance.

Princess Diaries 3: Plot

‘The Princess Diaries’ is based on Meg Cabot’s novel of the same name. However, the films depart significantly from the texts. The second film, in particular, takes the tale in a whole new direction. 

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Garry Marshall had a narrative for the third installment to send Queen Mia to Manhattan. The producers may choose to follow his lead and reintroduce the characters to America. 

Even if they go to books for inspiration, they will have plenty of material at their disposal since Cabot has written several sequels over the years.

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