Prince Louis Of Britain Steals The Show In A Video By Asking Questions To Sir David Attenborough….

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The royal family of Britain has always been the centre of attraction. And when it comes to the children of the family, it becomes even more interesting. In fact, these kids are much more than adorable. Recently Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton went on to a trip to Kensington Palace.

The interesting fact about this trip was the presence of their children with them. Their children also met the most famous personality in the field of nature, Sir David Attenborough. The royal kids had a very humble and adorable meeting with this great personality.

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In the latest update from this trip, a video has surfaced. It is the video which features Prince Louis, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, all the three royal kids. This most exciting video in fact has been shot by their parents, Prince William and Kate.

This video is filmed in the garden of Kensington Palace in August this year. In this video, the three royal kids are seen asking some questions from Sir David Attenborough. In the beginning, Prince George asked Sir David Attenborough about what animal he thinks will become extinct next. However, he started his question with a greeting to him wishing a humble “Hello”.

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However, the most adorable of all the three was Prince Louis’s way of asking the question. In fact, he asked this veteran personality with such a cute expression that he stole the show.
He asked Sir David Attenborough about the animal he likes the most. It was literally so cute watching him in this way.