Presidents Day TV Sale & Deals 2023: Samsung, LG, Sony & More

It will take a lot of work to find Presidents Day TV deals in 2023. They will be on sale in almost every store. But we’ve put together what we think you’re most likely to see.

We expect the tradition of the Presidents Day TV deals fire-sale to continue in 2023. Whether you want a more basic set or want to splurge on a high-end one, we’ve got you covered with what we think will be on sale this year.

We’ve seen some of the best TVs, like the LG C1, go for less than $800 on Prime Day. Amazon’s Fire TV 4K TVs have also been on sale at great prices. They were all marked down to less than $400, which is a great deal no matter where they came from.

But Presidents Day is when most TVs are sold. Almost every store will try to lower the prices of TVs in general. Since it’s getting cheaper to make 4K panels and there are amazing screens almost everywhere, we’re looking for the best TV deals you can expect to see this holiday season.

Top Best Presidents Day TV deals

Watch out for this one. Best Buy is, by far and away, the best place to buy TV deals. This year, we’ve seen the price of our highly recommended LG C1 drop to the lowest level we’ve ever seen.

As with the rest of the sites like, Presidents Day deals on TVs will be amazing, and we expect them to sell as much stock as they can.

Best Buy stores will want the shelf space, and with new TVs coming out in 2023, it makes sense that they would be the first to get them in.

Amazon Presidents Day TV deals

Amazon sells TVs from every other brand as well as its own. Keep an eye on the Fire TV ranges if you want a great way to get into 4K on a budget. Also, you can almost bet on anything that a lot of Amazon employees will change their prices during the day to move up the list.

We’re here to make sure this doesn’t happen. We’ll keep an eye on things and only show you the best deals. We’ll know if someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Amazon doesn’t just sell its own brand of TVs, though. Samsung and other brands, like Sony, will also match price cuts they make on their own websites on Amazon.

Walmart Presidents Day TV deals: Our predictions

This will be the most work for us since Walmart just throws everything together without thinking. Their website has a lot of different deals, but an $80 Full HD TV is mixed in with a $3000 4K panel, making it hard to find what you want.

But when it comes to TVs, Walmart is the king of Presidents Day sales. We have no doubt that they will compete with Amazon before the day is over. We might even get into price wars with other stores, which would give you the best deal possible.

Since everything is done online, you shouldn’t have to go to the store to pick it up and risk getting run over while trying to get your TV.

Samsung Expected Presidents Day Tv Deals

Samsung makes strange monitors, great gaming panels, and TVs that are even better. Samsung makes so many different kinds of TVs that we expect all of the remaining 2021 and 2023 models to go on sale for a lot less. After Presidents Day, CES is right around the corner. This is Samsung’s last chance to sell a lot of these products before their newest ones hit stores.

Samsung is also trying to get into the 8K market, so you’ll start to see that their 4K lineup is now much more affordable, and the 8K takes the more expensive spots. Even though you don’t need an 8K TV right now, there’s always room for a good gaming and movie TV.

You could also look through the Frame collection and make your TV look like a picture. Or, if you have enough money, you could buy that big, spinning TV to watch TikToks on.

Crutchfield Potential Presidents Day Tv Deals

Crutchfield is the dark horse of TV deals, but just because it has a less well-known name doesn’t mean it can’t win. Even though most of what they sell has to do with car audio, they have surprisingly good deals on Presidents Day.

They don’t have the biggest selection, but they have everything you’d expect to find. There are also smaller brands like Sony, LG, and Samsung. As an example of how much they cut prices, they currently have an 8K Samsung TV with a discount of more than $2000.

B&H Presidents Day TV deals

Some TVs are on sale at B&H right now, with big discounts, as the New York store tries to move as much as it can before the yearly change.

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