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Power Book Iv Force Episode 9 Release Date, Time, Promo and Everything we Know


One of the best Power spinoffs is Power Book IV: Force by Tommy Egan. To begin, Tommy is dealing with the death of James “Ghost” St. Patrick, his best friend and business partner, following the events of Power. It took some time for me to get used to not having Ghost around. Nevertheless, things are looking up for Tommy now that he has established himself in Chicago and started selling his new Dahlia product.

According to initial indications, Power Book IV: Force Episode 9 has been postponed for the remainder of this season. Below, we’ve got the show’s premiere date.

The release date and time for the ninth episode of Power Book IV Force Season 1:

On February 6, 2022, Power Book IV Force premiered as one of the most popular American drama television shows. After just a few episodes, this show has already been renewed for another season. Yes! Season 1 of Power Book IV Force Season 1 has now premiered, and a few episodes have been aired. Power Book IV Force Season 1 Episode 9 has already piqued the interest of viewers who were blown away by the previous episode’s broadcast. When will the ninth episode of the series be released? It is predicted that the ninth episode of Power Book IV Force Season 1 Episode 9 will air on April 10, 2022.

The release date and time for the ninth episode of Power Book IV Force Season 1

Expected Plot of Power Book IV Force episode 9 :  Spoilers Ahead ! :

Finally, on Power Book IV: Force Episode 8, Tommy revealed himself to the people who were going to distribute his drug, Mrs. Soto and Moishe, and they said they were going to help him push the drug. Tommy told Liliana that he had a brother and asked him to cook with her in the lab.  Walter went to Tommy to hire him, but he was turned down. Walter asked Vic to find out what Claudia has been up to, and he told him to do it. Claud tried to get rid of Tommy and make a deal with Diamond, but he turned her down. Diamond asked Adrienne about her true intentions, and Jenard made a deal with Cousin Buddy and his gang to act as a group of bodyguards.

After Tommy found out that Walter didn’t like Gloria, he begged and helped Vic and Gloria get out of the house. Gloria came back, and Vic was ready to pack up and leave with her when she did. However, when he found out that his father tried to hire Tommy, he didn’t trust him any more. Serbs killed Gloria when he tried to leave. They shot up his car and killed him. Tommy found out that D-Mac was JP’s son and that he was his son as well. When Tommy and JP’s grandmother died, JP called their mother, Kate, and told her that he loved her.

Warning… Below, there are some rumours.

Expected Plot of Power Book IV Force episode 9   Spoilers Ahead !

Force is in Power Book IV: Force. This is from Season 1 Episode 9. Walter tries to get Claudia to believe that the Serbian attack on Vic is the reason that they are at war. Angry at his son, Walter is so angry that he turns the anger on Tommy, who is his son.  He says the Irish don’t have enough men to fight the Serbs. Walter knows this, so he brings in help from Ireland to help him with this.

Diamond is at his barbershop when someone comes in and puts a gun to the back of his head. Someone he knows must have done this. Does he finally figure out that Jenard isn’t loyal to him after all these year.  He calls in Cousin Buddy and his hitters to finally strike back and get what he wants.

You won’t believe who Tommy worked out a deal with to get some muscle behind his business. However, it will come at a price. He’ll have to use the guns to fight SPOILER!  There will be a lot of broken trust in this episode, and SPOILER will be shot and have to fight for their life.

Casts of Power Book IV Force:

Below is the list of characters in the Series.

  • Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan
  • Isaac Keys as Diamond. He’s been waiting for this day.
  • Lili Simmons as Claud Flynn. She’s more than meets the eye.
  • Gabrielle Ryan as Gloria. She’s caught in a tangled web.
  • Lucien Cambric as D-Mac. He was raised by the streets.
  • Shane Harper as Vic Flynn. The throne is his to lose.
  • Tommy Flanagan as Walter Flynn. He’s a man to be feared.
  • Kris D. Lofton as Jenard. He’s built an empire.
  • Anthony Fleming III as JP Gibbs. The blues run deep.

Power Book IV Episode 9 Promo :

As the episode is set to air on April 10, we have a promo for the episode. Check out the video below.

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