Plastic Memories Season 2

Plastic Memories Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Many More


Plastic Memories is a fictional Japanese TV show created by Doga Kobo and conducted by Yoshiyuki Fujiwara. Plastic Memories happen in a town soon, in which people live beside androids that seem specifically like humans and have personal excitement and vision. 

SAI Corp, the top android generation company, has launched the Giftia, an exceptional android design with the most human-like features of any type. 

Plastic Memories Season 2 is a demanded series; this series must be premiered as anime enthusiasts fall to watch this on-screen. The initial anime show had a meaningful influence on the public. 

Nearly in each episode of the series, every watcher was left in tears. It is a heartwarming treatment sitting. This sci-fi show is top-rated between the fictional company. Last time, the series had approximately 13 episodes in whole. But we need more to understand, let discuss whether we will receive the second season of the show.

Plastic Memories Season 2 Release Date

Plastic Memories give a healthful anime background to its enthusiasts. Its compelling plotline and interesting characterization direct the viewers caught till its final episode. 

We do not recognize a resume happening any soon. Yet the best estimate is that the producers will approve Plastic Memories season 2 in the last of 2021 or at the beginning of 2022. We are assuming that they have ideas for renewal. 

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Plastic Memories Season 2 Cast

The cast of Plastic Memories Season 2 is as follows:

Tsukasa Mizugaki

An 18-year-old youth and the central lead of the tale, Tsukasa, connects with the Terminal Service after leaving his university entrance exams because of medical diseases.


An expert in the company had once worked beside Kazuki as her shooter, Isla is the female lead of the tale. 

Michiru Kinushima 

A 17-year-old worker who runs at SAI Terminal Service One and is Tsukasa’s better by one year. She looks to be growing senses for Tsukasa but declines to accept it.

Eru Miru 

An inventor in the Giftia support team who has been in the business for just two years. She is additionally an “android geek” who especially dotes on Isla. 

Plastic Memories Season 2 Trailer

The producers have not given the green flag to the series. Hence, we cannot imagine the trailer or teaser presently. So, youtube had many videos saying them the precise trailer of season 2. Those are all fraudulent videos. We will inform you once the trailer releases.

Plastic Memories Season 2 Plot

The central storyline spins throughout Tsukasa Mizugaki, an 18-year-old youth who loses badly in his university entrance exam because of medical issues. Having received his future, he chooses to take a job to make the greatest out of his time. 

He further wants cash to pay his money and hence asks his dad to get him a job. His dad runs to pick some lines and calls him a duty at Terminal Service One as an actor. Tsukasa joins the job, also though he has no evidence regarding the functioning of the Terminal Service.

Tsukasa races to his agency on the initial day of joining to discover that he has been partnered with Isla, a Giftia committed individually to him. 

The duo continues to the exercise room to give basic instruction on how to recover a developing Giftia. 

Shortly after the practice session, they are assigned their initial assignment. They are tasked with recovering Nina, a kid-type Giftia nearing her lifetime, from her partner Chizu Shirohana.


It is prominent series amongst other tragedy series. The cast is excellent, and the soundtrack is perfect. 

The plotline is fantastic, and the growth of the plot is tremendous. On the one side, it will make you laugh. Then again, you will become excited about watching some unexpected moments.

All in all, It is a friendly and exciting series. If you have not watched it yet, then watch it today.

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