Paris Jackson Opens Up About Her Musical Journey Start In Her New Show


Michael Jackson, famously named as “King of Pop”, has been the all-time legend in the world. Though he passed away in 2009, till now, no one in the world has ever matched him. Throughout the past 11 years, Michael Jackson fans have always been curious to know about his family. His fans always keep a track of the junior Jacksons.
Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter, has always created a buzz. Right from her childhood, the Jackson fans have loved her a lot.

Paris has always been in the eyes of the public after her father’s death. In recent times, she has made herself available directly for public life and is placing herself as a star Jackson.
Recently, Paris Jackson has started her show with the title of “Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn”. This kind of a series.

Her new show is streaming on the social media platform, Facebook.
This show gives a sneak peek about the life of Paris Jackson and her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn.
Interestingly the show will also give the fans a little view of her day to day life.
In the recent episode, Paris talked about her music as a career.
She says that, apart from being a successor of a musical family, she wasn’t so much interested in working as a musician.

She reveals that after meeting her boyfriend Gabriel, she started to take it seriously. In fact, in her words, she states, “I started calling myself a Musician” after meeting Gabriel.
Further adding, she expresses her joy for starting the show. And she feels it as an opportunity to share herself with the people in the sense that what she is.

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