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How, And What Will Happen? - The Tech Education
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Pandemic Edition Of 2020 Emmy Awards: Know When, How, And What Will Happen?

Emmy Awards 2020 will take place on Sunday in a remote ceremony at Staples Centre, Los Angeles. The function will air live from 5:00 pm on ABC. The ceremony will also have a pre-show, “Countdown To The Emmys” from 3:00 pm. to 5:00 pm.

How Will Be The Awards Given?

Since, it the COVID19  pandemic, presenting the awards will involve direct contact, which will increase the chance of getting infected. Hence, this year the awards will be delivered to each winner at their respective homes!

Yes! Presenters in full hazmat gear will personally deliver the awards. Have a look at the rocking hazmat gear.

Presenter in the Black and White hazmat gear!

How Is The Ceremony Going To Happen?

COVID19 led everybody into lockdown, including Hollywood. Due to this, productions are held back since March. However, the pandemic isn’t stopping Television Academy from honoring its finest talents.  Emmy Awards will be the first amongst the four major award shows to be held this year, adhering to the social distancing guidelines.

The pre-show will feature live interviews with nominees, a showcase of this year’s class of Emmy hopefuls, and will also look at the show’s red carpet history! However, this year’s red carpet will be “semi-glamorous.”

The show will run on secure Wi-Fi connections. The format of the show will exceptionally look different this year. Nominees across the world have been provided with camera kits that are easy to use. With these camera kits, the show is expected to be more intimate and creative as each nominee will install the kit in a unique way.

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Moreover, if the winner is unavailable to receive the award; there will be no pre-recorded acceptance speech. Not only this, in case the speeches are becoming too long, the host has the facility to cut off the Wi-Fi.

Who Is Hosting and Ghosting?

Jimmy Kimmel will host the show for the third time this year. He previously hosted in 2012 and 2016. Not just a host, this year he is the executive producer as well. He will record live from Downtown Los Angeles, while others will have the camera set up at their homes.

As far as performers are concerned, ABC has only shared a few names who will be making “guest appearances.” The most striking name is the singer-writer and Grammy winner H.E.R. In her, Emmy debut, she will perform in the show’s “In Memoriam” segment.



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