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32, 4, u0o, kp, qwa, ax4, 8yv, 0, h83, j8x, v3k, cfo, Pakistan Too Bans TikTok For Indecent And Immoral Content - Story Here!
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Pakistan After USA And India Too Bans TikTok For Indecent And Immoral Content – Full Story Here!

India was the first-ever country to ban TikTok as because it was one of the Chinese apps. Moreover, India banned a hundred of such Chinese app to protect the country’s liberty. However, the USA soon followed the suit and announced to ban TikTok in September. But somehow Donald Trump, the current president of USA made a deal with Bytedance. In this deal, they agreed to hand over the ownership to America. They also took an oath that no harm to the people’s privacy or their personal information will come or will they get leaked out. This was one of the major fear Trump had as we all very well know it was the matter of social security. And now various other news has been resurfaced from various sources claiming that Pakistan too, has banned Tiktok.

However, Pakistan’s reason for banning Tiktok is a little different from India and America but nonetheless, the deed has been done. Pakistan banned Tiktok on the basis of sharing and allowing Indecent and Immoral contents. This country blocked the app after they received complaints of such indecent content.

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority Announced!

Furthermore, Pakistan Telecommunications Authority also shortly named as PTA have away from their statements. Announcing further they said that Pakistan Failed to comply it’s very own instructions.” Development of an effective mechanism for proactive moderation of unlawful online content”. Promising to not motivate unlawful activities, Pakistan believes that they just did the opposite. PTA also announced that their decision was not at all impulsive. As they got a number of complaints against this video sharing application. Different segments of the society in the country voted for Indecent exposure of things and stuffs to minors. 

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Statements of various officials were submitted further. “Keeping in view the complaints and nature of the content being consistently posted on TikTok, PTA issued a final notice to the application and gave considerable time to respond and comply with the Authority instructions for the development of an effective mechanism for proactive moderation of unlawful online content. “The application failed to fully comply with the instructions. Therefore, directions were issued for blocking of TikTok application in the country,” stated PTA. 

PTA authorities and officials have now informed TikTok and China of the case. Telling further that they would review and ponder on this decision of theirs. Also, they are open for an entanglement and subject review to bring the case in a satisfactory medium. This country finalized its decision on Friday.

Benazir Bhutto’s Daughter Stand Up Against Sexist Mentality!

While the former president of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto’s daughter has her own campaign. She tweeted that there’s nothing indecent or immoral in the app, but it’s in the sexist mind if theirs. Which can be true. Anyways, coming back to it she further said that it’s so sad that people even judge a woman who wears yoga pants on television. It’s embedded in their minds that they should not drive at night and hence are picked and assaulted which makes no sense at all. Let’s see what happens further.

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