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One Piece Chapter 1063 Release Date & Time, Raw Scan, Spoiler, And Where To Read!

One Piece 1063 Is Without A Doubt One Of The Most Anticipated Chapters In The Egghead Island Arc To Date. The Straw Hat Pirates Begin Their Adventure On The Future Island In The Previous Chapter, and After They Split Up, Fans Got To Meet Dr. Vegapunk’s Different Bodies. Oda did a good job of showcasing the advanced technology on the island, as one would expect from a chapter titled “Adventure of the Land of Future.”

More importantly, near the end of the chapter, fans saw the Cipher Pol approaching the island on a mission to return Bartholomew Kuma’s Seraphim to Vegapunk for unknown reasons while also assassinating every single body of the Navy’s genius scientists. It is unknown why the government is planning this; however, fans believe that One Piece 1063 will provide all of the answers.

One Piece Chapter 1063 release date 

One Piece Chapter 1063 is set to be released on Monday, October 17 2022, at approximately 1 a.m. JST. The Chapter Will Be Released Simultaneously All Over The World, Giving Fans The Opportunity To Read It Immediately In Their Home Countries.

Below, you will find a table containing the times at which the chapter will be released, as per different time zones across the world.

  • Pacific Daylight Time – 8 am, October 16
  • Central Daylight Time – 10 am, October 16
  • Eastern Daylight Time – 11 am, October 16
  • British Summertime – 4 pm, October 16
  • Central European Summer time– 5 pm, October 16
  • Indian Standard time – 8:30 pm, October 16
  • Philippine time – 11 pm, October 16
  • Australian Central Daylight time – 00:30 pm, October 17

What to expect from One Piece chapter 1063?


Fans Got A First Look At The Personalities And Motivations Of Vegapunk Satellites In Chapter 1062. Lilith is motivated by money because the world government does not provide adequate funding for their research. Atlas enjoys fighting and reacts violently when she is wrong. However, neither the remaining satellites nor the original doctor has yet been revealed.

Although we are unlikely to meet the original scientist until later in the arc, One Piece Chapter 1063 may be the one to introduce the rest of the Vegapunk family. We Might Be Able To Learn More About The Origins Of The Doctor’s Alternate Versions. Fans may also learn why Vegapunk Shaka is interested in the Straw Hats.

Another possibility is that One Piece Chapter 1063 will delve deeper into the motivations underlying the World Government’s mission to eliminate Vegapunk. For years, the Scientist Has Been One Of The World Nobles’ Best Assets, Which Means He Could Have Betrayed Them. Zoro also seemed interested in speaking with the Doctor, and his motivations may be revealed in the next chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1062 Recap

The Straw Hat Crew began talking to Vegapunk Lilith in One Piece Chapter 1062. The Woman Explained That She Was Not The Original Scientist, But Rather One Of The Satellites Designed To Keep Egghead Island Safe. Lilith attempted to rob the straw hats but was stopped by Shaka, another Vegapunk, who warned her to be cautious around Zoro and Robin.

Bonney revealed to Luffy’s team on another part of the island that Vegapunk transformed her father into the Android Kuma. When the group emerged from the sewers, they were captivated by everything they saw. Atlas, another Vegapunk who was extremely violent, confronted them.

Members of the Cp0 were seen talking about a mission to kill Vegapunk far away.

One Piece Chapter 1063 Spoilers

“My Only Family” Is The Title Of This Chapter. The Frozen Complete Cake Island Will Be On The Front Page, According To The Raw Scans. Four Egg Head Island pirates, Luffy, Chopper, Jinbei, and Bonney, change their outfits. While Jinbei is dressed in Hawaiian garb, thanks to Vegapunk’s device, others have dressed in modern attire.

On their journey across Egg Head Island, they will encounter a Robot Police Officer who looks like Kuma and wears a suit, sunglasses, and enormous robotic arms. When the Robot Kuma and his Robot Police attack the Straw Hats.

Luffy strikes him, but Bonney stops him by telling him that he is her only family. Although it is not confirmed, we may see a flashback of a young Bonney and Kuma having fun on their adventure. Law will run to a neighboring island, where Jesus Burgess will first appear and attack him, with the help of Van Augur’s teleport abilities.

Where can I read One Piece chapter 1063?

Viz Media’s website is the only place where you can always read new One Piece chapters in English. Additionally, you can read a piece on this website. Since Viz Media is the official American publisher of One Piece, the series is always available, although the chapters are released after the Japanese originals. A Viz Media Subscription Is Helpful Not Only Because New Chapters Are Always Being Added, But Also Because It Gives You Access To A Lot Of Other Series.

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