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Wore A Sweet Knit Dress With A Collard White Shirt - The Tech Education
Olivia Culpo Dons
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Olivia Culpo Dons Wore A Sweet Knit Dress With A Collard White Shirt

Olivia Culpo Dons was looking gorgeous when she wore a Knit Dress with a white collard shirt. However, she was carrying her cute dog by her side.

Olivia Culpo Dons Outfit

Culpo enjoys roaming around the town with her sweet little furry dog. The reports say that she stopped her car at Magpie’s in Taranza.

Olivia Culpo Dons is generally famous for being the former Miss Universe. At Magpie, she came dressed up with black edgy knee-high combat shoes. She also carried a small handbag with her puppy on the other side.

She gave a beautiful smile when she came out of her car to have a sweet treat. Culpo was looking so fresh as she let her hair go straight style and it parted in two sides. She wore bubblegum pink colour lipstick.

She recently met with Oliver and had their meeting as she went to pick up at LAX international airport, which is located in Los Angeles.

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How Olivia’s Dog Passed Out?

Olivia bought a new house where she was living only with her dogs. But her dog died in the same place. She revealed that her dog passed out after having the first meal.

Olivia Revealed About Her Health Issues

The former Miss Universe revealed about her health problem with confidence. It was difficult for her, but in the end, she disclosed that she has endometriosis.

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She also said that she was nervous to tell this issue, but she found out that some women are also suffering from the same condition.

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