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o5m, pb, 9, 7, 1, ush, aa, 1h, y, m, zk, Olivia Culpo Spotted With Her Poodle Oliver In A Knit Dress And Collared
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Olivia Culpo Spotted With Her Poodle Oliver In A Knit Dress And Collared Shirt

Olivia Culpo Spotted With Her Poodle Oliver In A Knit Dress And Collared Shirt

The 28-year-old, Olivia Culpo, was spotted in and about on Friday with her poodle mix puppy, Oliver. Culpo adopted the puppy back in July. Also, Olivia seems to enjoy its company as she takes it out everywhere she goes.

The former Miss Universe put on a chic look in a black and white knit mini dress along with a long white collared shirt. Olivia stopped by Magpie’s in Tarzana. She matched her outfit with a pair of edgy knee-high black combat boots. Also, she held a handbag in one hand and Oliver in the other.


Of course, Culpo did her hairdo and makeup correctly with her chic outfit. She parted her hair from the middle and kept it straight open. She added a pink shade lip colour and smiled as headed towards her car with Oliver.

Olivia also shared a video of her meeting Oliver for the first time. She went to pick the poodle up at LAX International Airport in Los Angeles in July. She even bought all kinds of toys and all for her puppy to make him comfortable in his new home.

Culpo mentioned in a caption, ‘Really hope I’m not missing anything.’

While going back from the airport, Olivia placed her poodle in his carrier. She also unzipped it so that her fans can get a glimpse of Oliver.

Olivia kept on updating Oliver’s first meal; the first bath; on her social media for her fans. Oliver was found taking his naps on his dog bed.

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