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Four From Rockaways Surfs-The Fifth One Is Still Missing! Here Are The Exclusive Details..... - The Tech Education
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NYPD Saves Four From Rockaways Surfs-The Fifth One Is Still Missing! Here Are The Exclusive Details…..

The Rescuers Come To Rescue…

News that would surely shock you, which says five swimmers went missing. Subsequently, rescuers pulled four people from the ocean off the Rockaways on Friday night. The search for a fifth person is still ongoing as the search was called off due to rough waters, police said.

Source: WNYC

Also, as per the police, the missing swimmer who is still missing is a woman in her 20’s. Furthermore, rescuers will be back at the beach on Saturday morning.

The NYPD Harbor Unit officers rescued four people from waters off Beach 84th St. around 7:38 p.m. as the tide was easy to handle.

Recovery Effort!

Mayor Bill de Blasio urged people to avoid the water as the unseasonably warm temperatures continued. The search for the last teen in waters off Rockway Beach became a recovery effort.

However, the thirds person who was rescued was admitted to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Moreover, the mayor said, “We’re facing unusual heat for this time of year,”.He continued, “In response, we are deploying extra patrols to ensure a swift response in case of emergency. But it’s critical that all New Yorkers put their safety first and stay out of the water at our beaches.”

Source: surfers.com

Despite the beautiful weather, he warned the public to: “Swim only when lifeguards are present.”

Moreover, all the incidents took place when the lifeguards were off duty. The City Department of Parks and Recreation police patrolled the shore with megaphones and whistles to keep swimmers out of the water.

Yet there are no reports of the last one. As soon as the pieces are out, we will be the first to inform our readers.

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