No Man’s Sky Developers Working On Another Massive Project

No Man's Sky
Source: GameSpot

No Man’s Sky developers Hello Games is working on another huge project that likely rivals it in scale, but it’s not a sequel. Hello Games founder Sean Murray revealed this in an interview with Polygon. He spoke about how they’ve split up their 26 developers into different teams for specific projects.

No Man’s Sky Developers Working On “A Huge Ambitious Game”

Three of these 26 people worked on Hello Games’ newest release, The Last Campfire. This action-adventure title launched for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch only a week ago. Out of the remaining 23 developers, one group is working on new updates for No Man’s Sky.

The rest of the group is putting together a new secret project. We know nothing about it, but Sean Murray describes it as “a huge, ambitious game like No Man’s Sky.”

No Man's Sky
Source: USgamer

Hello Games Has More Than Redeemed Their Reputation

No Man’s Sky, at launch, was the perfect example of overpromising and underdelivering. It wasn’t simply a case of players letting their expectations run wild, only for the final product to disappoint them. There were certain claims that the folks over at Hello Games made about it that simply weren’t true. Most notably, the game did not feature online multiplayer.

However, in the four years since the game has launched, Hello Games has completely turned things around. They released one update after another. Today, the game is an absolute delight to play through. It even has a fully functioning online multiplayer.

No Man's Sky
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Hello Games Might Do A Better Job Communicating This Time Around

So, when Murray claims that their new project is just as ambitious, players can feel safe in believing him. Hello Games are probably not going to talk about this game for a while. When they do talk about it, let’s hope they do a better job at communicating what it’s about this time about.

Based on everything we have seen from then since No Man’s Sky’s launch, it’s safe to assume that they will.