Are Love Is Blind Season 2 Contestants Danielle & Nick Still Together? All About Their Divorce

In the first episodes of Love Is Blind‘s second season, there was a lot of drama. Shaina, Shayne, and Natalie were in a love triangle, and Jarrette, Mallory and Iyanna were in another. However, Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl stood out for their quiet relationship and sweet connection.

The two quickly became close because they had similar childhoods and similar fears. At the end of the first episode, they got engaged and became the first couple to meet in real life. Danielle said in a confessional, “I’m ready to get married to him tomorrow.” “Nothing is going to stop me from doing this.”

Still, Danielle and Nick had to get through some rough spots in their relationship in the weeks between the pods and their wedding. During their trip to Mexico, days after they got engaged, Nick came back from a couples’ mixer to find Danielle crying. She told him that the situation had upset her. When Nick asked Danielle if she trusted him, she said “Right now, I don’t trust anything.”

Did Danielle And Nick Get Marry?

Sure, they did! After Danielle said “I do” at the end of the ninth episode, Nick and Danielle stand at the altar at the beginning of the finale. They are both very nervous. Nick tells her, as well as everyone else, “I do. There is no doubt in my mind that you are the person I’m meant to be with. I’m glad I found you, and I can’t wait for the rest of my life to be better with you by my side.”

Danielle is so happy that she says, “Thank you!” Then they get married and walk off into the sunset (well, some very lovely fields).

“I’m already married!” Nick says in a letter after the wedding. “Thrilled. Very happy. It was a game-time decision because I wasn’t sure she was sure, but everything turned out the way it should have… We’ll spend the next 50 years or so together, and I can’t wait.”

In her own confessional after the wedding, Danielle says: “We love each other more than we could ever tell anyone else… I’m so happy we both came to the same conclusion.” She says, “I’m married. I’m married, so… So love must be blind, right?”

Are They Still Together Now?

Love Is Blind: Danielle Reveals Why She & Nick Are Getting Divorced

Yes! Danielle and Nick confirmed on the Love Is Blind reunion show that they are still together and happy. Danielle moved into Nick’s house, and the two of them talked about how “blissful” their relationship is now. They are working hard to keep it that way by going to couples therapy regularly.

Danielle told Us Weekly, “He and I fell in love so quickly and because we both knew we wanted to stay together at the end of the day we felt so pressured to figure out what was the best way for us to go… That made it feel like we were in a pressure cooker, and we were like, “Oh, my God, what do we do?” We both decided, “It’s us, like, we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together.” I can’t wait for people to see how we’re getting along now.”

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