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New City For Black People? Know How Black Lives Matter Supporters Bought 100 Acres For Black People

In Georgia, the black lives matter protesters bought around 100 acres of land to build a new safe city. However, The protesters mentioned that they wanted to make this city for the black people where they can live in harmony.

The Plan Motives about New City For Black People

The report said that the protestors are planning to develop the resources. They will create the city within 96.71 acres which is located in “Toomsboro”. The protestors said they will create the city which will consist of sustainable-living. Likewise, the place will promote agriculture, innovation, arts, culture, and economic development.

They also said that their aim is to create a recreational, cultural destination and educational institutes for black people. Their tagline is “We welcome you all and your family too, we need support from black people which will help to see the changes that we actually want”.

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Ashley Scott And Black Community

Ashley Scott is the woman behind this plan. She is the group founder who started this plan with some of her friends. She also revealed the reason for this work. Ashley said the idea came in her mind to save black people when she saw the death of Ahmad in February.

Ahmad was a 25 years old black man who was held by two white men when he was jogging in Georgia. Ashley went to a Black Therapist to know the situation that they are suffering. There she got to know how every people black people suffer daily in their daily life with racial trauma.

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First Step Towards Black People By Ashley

Ashley then created a group and started her plannings to change the world in a better place for the black people. Even if the plan was small, but the idea is great to help the black community. She said in the interview that there is something which is happening deep inside the country and something new has to be done.

Ashley and her group came across and found a town at Toomsboro which was in the sale. They finally decided to buy that town for the harmony of black people. Ashely with her group gathered 19 families and started an LLC and bought the land of 96.71 acres.



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