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Lakers Vs Trail Blazers: Damian Lillard Swiped The Lakers Off Their Feet, Becoming A Boon To The Trail Blazers During The NBA Live Match! Read More..

The Lakers Vs Trail Blazers Round 1 was the most anticipated NBA live match. And the Trail Blazers were quite a treat to the Lakers and probably Damian Lillard stole the show.

Lakers Vs Trail Blazers Round 1

The NBA play off between both the teams was streamed on August 18. It was the first round of Lakers vs Trail Blazers. And was one of the most fiery matches ever played.  As the most anticipated play off was full of actions and nail biting moments as well.

Both the teams were high in their spirits. But as the match proceeded it became more of a survival of the fittest. Both the Lakers and the Trail Blazers are strong NBA teams and thus the competition soared higher than ever before. Undoubtedly Damian Lillard absolutely stole the show in the match.

As his skills were good enough to pose a threat for the opponents during the play off.  Thus making it tough for them to win against Trail Blazers.

Damian Lillard As A Savior For The Trail Blazers

This NBA players who is a part of the Trail Blazers left no stone unturned to give his team a massive win. Lillard had a massive score of 34 with three long 3-pointers in the fourth quarter. Thus making his team take the lead and hereby making it difficult for the Lakers to catch up.

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Although the Lakers tried to match their pace. And somehow managed to have a six point lead. But Lillard had something else in mind and thus he casually hit the 36 footer. Therefore leaving the Lakers behind. Lillard’s performance saved the Trail Blazers.

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The fans were quite happy about his performance. And the Twitter was full of applauding posts for Lillard. As we know that Lakers has always been a strong team but today just Lillard’s high spirited performance helped the Trail Blazers take the lead.

So now lets wait for the second round of Lakers vs Trail Blazers series. And that is going to be held on August 20. Hope we get to see more of Damian Lillards high spirited shots!

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