Netflix Original: “The Innocence Files” Limited Series Releasing This Week And We Have Everything You Need To Know!

Innocence Files
Innocence Files

Netflix is about to release the latest true-crime docuseries “The innocence files” based on actual events. This series will undoubtedly put a question mark on people’s knowledge about America’s criminal justice system.

The innocence files take into consideration of the wrongful conviction and explore crimes themselves. They flush out eight innocent men who haven’t committed any crime but ended up in prison. Levon Brook was one such case who spent 16 years behind bars for a rape and murder he didn’t commit.

The Innocence Files Explores With The Innocence Project

The introduction of DNA testing has made a revolutionary impact on the criminal justice system. It has certainly made the task of linking suspects to crimes quite simple. Also, it has led to the exoneration of wrongful convicts devoid of any criminal history. This has shed a light on the faulty system of justice and cops plaguing the judicial systems. The innocence project uses the DNA method to solve cases of the innocents.

The Innocence Files Release Date

The Innocence Files is a docuseries set to debut on 15th April 2020. The directors and producers of the series include Alex Gibney, Liz Garbus, and Roger Ross Williams. They collaborate on the work of the innocence project with attention to their method of DNA testing to free wrongfully convicted men and women. The Innocence Project is a legal organization founded by Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld.

Netflix Orders Innocence Project Docuseries 'Innocence Files ...

The Innocence Files Story

The innocence files will have a total of nine episodes that recounts eight stories. To put it differently, the series has three categories namely, “The Evidence,” “The Witness” and “The Prosecution.” The first group is the most revealing and eye-opening and also the most relevant to the innocence project itself. This is due to the flawed methods of applying forensic science. The second group follows the bite-mark analysis to match the potential suspect from the victim. The forensic odontologists conduct the bite-mark analysis. This makes it easier to get a hold on the potential suspect as the dead body may have bite marks on them.

Watch the series unfold at Netflix on 15th April to see how they use their techniques.



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