National Historic Landmark: Wrigley Filed


The baseball icon since 106 years is named as Wrigley field. The home to Chicago clubs and have seen the series of the first and the iconic moments in the Major League Baseball and on Thursday declared as the National Historic Landmark.

This was recognized which the federally protects and maintains historical properties and object around in US in honor of “the significant role of the ballpark has played in the city of Chicago and the history of professional sports,” as posted on twitter by the Department Of Interior on Thursday.

It is recognized as the second oldest Major league Baseball filed which is 106 years old and the oldest field in the National League.

“The Historical Significance known as the Wrigley Field is engraved in out nation’s story and plays a key part as to what has become America’s beloved pastime from the centuries,” as said by the Secretary David Bernhardt.

“Wrigley Field has marked a special place in the hearts of the generations of fans around the world,” as said by Chicago Clubs Executive Chairman Tom Ricketts. So since the first day as the owner we are in the job of preserving Wrigley which is now in the lineup of American history and the National treasure.

Knowing more about the Wrigley Filed it was built in 1914 and has since become the home of the clubs in 1916. The owner Charles Weeghman said that the longstanding traditions of allowing the game and the attendees to let them keep the baseballs that were hit and reached the stands as said in a press conference at the time of announcing the decision.

Catering to the iconic moments of the field we have Double No-Hitter in the year 1917, Babe Ruth’s 1932 World Series called the Shot, Gabby Hartnett’s Homer in the Gloamin which was recognized by the department and the clubs to the 1938 National League pennant.

At present only 2600 sites are being identified and the objects as National Historic Landmarks. The Boston Red Sox and the Fenway Park and the major League Baseball park got the designation in the year 2012 only.


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