Nadia Bartel
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Nadia Bartel Looks Disheartened During Her Outing With Her Sons Amidst Melbourne’s Severe Lockdown

Nadia Bartel
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Nadia Bartel has been experiencing Melbourne’s strict lockdown with her two sons, Aston and Henley.

On Monday, she takes out her children to the playground in Albert Park as certain restrictions are eased in the Victorian capital.

Nadia stayed by her son while they excitedly play on the equipment.

But, during some moments in the outing, the former WAG appears sad and lonely.

The 35-year-old is seen donning a pair of skintight leggings with an oversized pink sweater. She also wears a mask over her makeup-free face.

Sometime earlier, Nadia picked up a cup of coffee at the famous cafe in South Melbourne named ‘Nine Yards’.

Nadia is a very popular social media figure with around 580,000 followers on Instagram. She is seen posting many promotional posts, and she also manages her fashion label ‘Henne’.

She is based on Melbourne and has been in lockdown for a second time amidst the pandemic.

Details On Nadia Bartel’s Private Life

Nadia Bartel
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Nadia shares both of her sons with her ex-husband Jimmy Bartel. She confirmed their split in August last year, after rising speculations.

The retired footballer is now known to be dating socialite Lauren Mand,31.

In August 2020 she gave an interview in the ‘Stellar Magazine‘ where she discusses her split with Jimmy.

Nadia said, ‘This is never what I thought would happen. Every day is tough.’

She also reveals that she was at the hardest point in her life at that moment. On top of everything, the articles that were written with no truth in them, the hate in social media, etc., didn’t help.

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The designer says she is trying her best to support her sons emotionally. She said “I want my boys to be aware of their feelings. And if they are feeling a certain way, they can show that feeling.¬†They are allowed to cry and allowed to come to me and say what’s happening”.

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What’s Making Her Move Forward Through The Split With Jimmy?

Nadia Bartel
Source: Marie Claire Australia

When asked by her followers on Instagram on how she was coping raising her sons alone, she confessed that it’s hard. And there are many instances when she felt very lonely.

Nadia said, “You don’t have your person to share all their milestones, cute things they do, ups and downs, and deal with their tantrums etc.”.

But she does mention the upsides too. She says that the experience has also been rewarding for her. Also, she feels fortunate to have the support of her family.

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