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My Wife Is Pregnant And I Am Not The Father?!!

Meg and Becca are a proud lesbian couple and they have been together for more than eight years living with their farm animals.

And this is an excerpt from the time Becca was pregnant back in 2015.

Love Blooms

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Meg says that they are like every other couple except Becca is pregnant and she is not the father, she will be the other mother.

Meg shares her experience of how she met Becca in a charity bowling league and how she instantly fell in love with her and asked her out to the bar even though Becca was straight.

Becca did go with her and they had their first kiss there and eventually fell in love and got married.

Meg really didn’t think about having a child while Becca was dreaming of having a child, therefore, they decided to search for a donor.

Amidst many questions in their minds, they decided to give it a try with an anonymous donor and the search for sperm bank started.

After finding a trusted bank and a number of researches later they tried it but didn’t succeed in the first try but the third time was indeed the charm.

A New Begining

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It was on Becca’s 28th birthday it finally happened and she got pregnant.

They shared it on Facebook and got immense support and wishes and then on Reddit.

The response was beyond what they could have imagined, they became internet famous and people they know and they don’t contacted them, wishing and saying they give out hope to others.

But not every response was positive, some accused them of stealing a dad from a child and two women can’t possibly raise a child alone and the child won’t be loved.

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Meg and Becca’s reply is this:

Our child will be so loved. He or she will be born into a family that’s just as beautiful as everyone else’s. He or she will have two moms who will always be there and provide a safe place to find out who he/she is. Because that’s what parenting is: Loving your child enough to put your own biases aside.

Homophobia still exists in this world and this is one such example of what they have to go through in everyday life.



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