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IPL 2020
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MS Dhoni Sets Another Record By Himself On IPL 2020, Here’s How Raina Appreciated His Efforts

MS Dhoni has showcased impressive skills, and with this, he has set another record in T20. However, Dhoni is just two sixes away to reach the benchmark of Rohit Sharma, which is 368 sixes. While Suresh Raina stands with 311 sixes in the T20 records, Dhoni is just a few sixes behind and currently at 298 sixes.

Here’s How MS Dhoni Sets A Record In The History Of IPL

Dhoni has created another record during the match against Sunrisers Hyderabad. With this, the former captain of India and captain of CSK became the most capped player in T20 league.

He has also set a record for bight the player with most IPL appearance in the history of IPL series. Dhoni surpassed Raina’s benchmark, who is not available for the whole IPL 2020 season.

The CSK’s CEO said that Suresh Raina would not be able to make it in this IPL 2020 season. He also noted that Raina has his personal family issues, and therefore they respect his decision.

The Captain Of Chennai Super Kings ‘Dhoni’ Vs Other Captains In The IPL

Till now Dhoni and Raina are at the same level with 193 appearances in the history of IPL. Apart from this, other players like Rohit Sharma has 192, and Virat Kohli has 180 caps during the IPL. Even Dinesh Karthik has 185 caps to his name.

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How Suresh Raina Congratulated CSK’s Captain After The Match Between SRH and CSK?

After the match between Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad, Raina congratulated Dhoni on Twitter. However, he said that congratulations on becoming the most capped player in the IPL. He also said that he is happy that MS has broken his record. At the end he wished him to win the IPL 2020 season.

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As a matter of facts, if MS hits another eight sixes, he will surpass AB de Villiers for most sixes in IPL. With this Dhoni is just 24 runs behind to achieve a total score of 4500 runs in the IPL. If he does, then he will become the fourth Indian to score after Virat, Rohit and Suresh as well.

However, MS is just two catches away from finishing his 100 IPL catches as a wicket-keeper. If he does the same, then he will become the second-highest wicket-keeper to catch the ball after Dinesh Karthik.

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